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Content originality comes in many different forms. You begin by identifying your authentic voice. Sometimes you may work on a project, that’s inspired by mythology, yet your voice and perspective may provide something new. So whether you’re creating a story that the world hasn’t seen yet or retelling an older myth, you still need creative habits that empower your writing experience. If you are a parent trying to get your kids to stay motivated, habits definitely help.

4 Creative habits for content originality and remarkable storytelling

Yes, there’s a little problem

The sad side of storytelling and writing is that we are often short of ideas every few months. And our ever demanding readers and internal thoughts do not stop hounding us for more chapters. If you feel that way, remember, resting is fine. You are not a machine. However, as storytellers (sometimes also known as parents) we often need to be sharing stories.

And let’s get real here, we never met a child or adult who wants to read the same story over and over again. Even though each writer has a different way of putting across the same story, our audience is often able to judge when it feels like we recycled a lot.

So, what do we do?

Habits That Bring In Content Originality

You simply bring in these 4 habits in your daily routine:

1. Learn from the community

Sign up on some blog sites, social media pages, and newsletters that are related to the topics you are working on. Read to be able to write better. Here’s an inspiring list from our side.

2. Jot it down and don’t ever lose an idea

Most of us lose the habit of making notes post school. But bring a notebook and note down your ideas. It’s simple and it works. You can also digital tools like Evernote, Buffer, Notepad, and others.

3. Brainstorm on different topics

Now, who says the best ideas only come to you sitting in a corner meditating for hours? Brainstorming is the best way to break the rut and even snap out of a writer’s block. Start networking with those in your field, besides the usual ‘hello’. Take a brief look at the topics they are actively engaging with and start a conversation. Share your ideas and get some of theirs too. Two brains are definitely better than one! We love the ideas that our friends bring when we meet for monthly meetings. Set up one in your cities, or find one online.

4. Bring out the child in you – ask questions

Follow your children and ask. Being successful at something starts from forming the most creative habits. So, if you too are a storyteller in the need of some inspiration, start bringing in these habits into your daily routine. Give yourself the permission to write a wonderful story.

BONUS tip:

Reach out for help to find your voice and content originality in your stories

You do not need to do it all alone!  Nurture your creativity in a workshop. Tell us how it is going! 🙂