Your Cheatsheet to Finding More Ideas For Great Content

With content marketing the current trend of this digital industry, the creative individuals are churning out content pieces at a rate like never before! Marketers these days are using about 12 to 14 formats of content, on an average to promote the businesses they are working for. If that already did sound overwhelming, here’s your cheatsheet to finding more ideas for great content and be distinctive!

You can now stop suffering from an idea block and get onto work. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Look for third party inspiration – they need not be field specific!

Spend some time reading content offered on different websites and make a note of a few things – the content type they offer, the tone they use, their inspiration, the audience engaging with them, etc. You never know which short form post of theirs becomes the inspiration for your long form content!

Your Cheatsheet to Finding More Ideas For Great Content

Note: You can take a look at my inspiration go-to’s here – Your Marketing Needs Inspiration.

2. Take note of interesting phrases and sound bites – you never know what works next!

Didn’t come across a post that interested you, and a phrase that you made a mental note of using someday? Jot it down because you’re going to come across many interesting things on the internet and sadly, not remember it all. If you’re bored of textual content, go on a podcast hunt and save links to all those you think can be used in your content strategy.

3. Note down every fleeting thought you have – the smallest of ideas can have the biggest impact!

Writer’s block. Idea block. But got a vague fleeting thought on a possible topic? Ensure you make a note of it somewhere; because that idea clubbed with a few more could actually turn out to be the next best post on your blog! Your Cheatsheet to Finding More Ideas For Great Content

4. Give content curation a shot – but make sure it’s interesting!

Agreed that content originality is your motto, but curation is not cheating. Take a look at topics that your audience is engaging the most on, shortlist those you could create quick go-through lists for and viola! You have the next post idea – a trending topic’s curated list.

Note: A must read before you start curating – A Lean Startup’s Ultimate Guide To Content Curation – A 3 Step Process

5. Repurposing content can get you a fresh piece!

Whoever said repurposing content is like offering the same dish for dinner day after day, clearly hasn’t tasted frozen pizza! Repurposing your existing content (preferably evergreen), can cover up for your ‘lack of ideas week’ as well as bring back more engagement than what you got on the original post.

And you thought finding more ideas for great content, was rocket science!

What’s your tip for those days when you just can’t seem to fill in the content calendar, let alone create a compelling copy?

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Vanhishikha Bhargava

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
A passionate social media marketer, Vanhishikha specializes in content creation, and utilizes her skills to create compelling copy for social media and digital campaigns. She is Brandanew's digital storyteller.