Content Marketing Inspiration: Original Content Needs An Analog Desk

I discovered Austin Kleon a few years ago, from his blog, but I was only able to get his book late last year, from a Christmas gift bounty. It’s one of those things, English books are sometimes hard to get in Germany, so I keep postponing purchase sometimes. I am glad that I was able to finally lay my hands on it. Steal like an artist– is not your conventional content marketing book– at least not the one that’s recommended too much considering there’s a plethora of books out there. But it’s a brilliant book, if you’re creating original content and trying to be creative. It basically stretches your imagination, and let’s you know- why original content needs an analog desk!

Content Marketing Inspiration- Original Content Needs An Analog Desk

Why Original Content Needs An Analog Desk

We don’t know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is that we don’t get them from our laptops- John Cleese, as seen in Steal like an artist

1. Physical movement generates reactions– as also described in the Content Marketing book, Contagious, makes us more receptive and active. We see more, share more. Kleon talks about using your hands and being creative, in tangible, physical ways. It works!

2. Analog desks create infinite creative possibilities– Analog worlds do not come up with a delete mutton. You can spend a whole morning painting and drawing, and one idea leads to another and it stays in your sketch-book. You can think of multiple and infinite ways to design or use the efforts of your creativity. It is easy to keep sitting on the same page, one delete after another on a computer.

3. Analog desks are less distracting– It’s easy to go on writing an article or blog post and then find a Wikipedia-styled link from one social network to another, in the end losing productivity. In the form of red-colored notification and emails, the digital desk can really decrease productivity by being distracting. Usually, your sketch book will not talk back in distracting ways. It will somehow, lead you to action, and a creativity focus instead.

4. Analog desks enable you to imagine the results– Drawing or doodling solutions gives you a far greater tangible sense of things at times, instead of missing something on the screen. When I am ready a 1000 page report to convert into a 500 word article, I tend to print the more dense parts. To ensure I am not missing anything. We need a tangible component to create quality and creative outputs.

5. Analog desks promote originality– In your notebook or a piece of paper, the likelihood of a copy-paste error, as well as a copy-paste creativity policy is negligible. Even if you take an inspiration from a great artist, putting it down in your own words or with your own hand, makes it unique and original. How cool is that!

What do you do to keep your inspiration and creativity going? Which other Content marketing books would you recommend? Do share!


Upasna Kakroo

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