Monthly Roundup: What’s Holding You Back From Business Success?

This past month at Brandanew has been more offline than online. We hosted our first digital marketing workshops in Ann Arbor, which were received wonderfully by the audience. Ann Arbor’s been a wonderful move for me and Brandanew. It’s a city full of academics, interesting people and creatives working towards business success. I meet many people with new ideas. That’s something every entrepreneur and creative needs. It’s the energy you need to immerse yourself in.

And as we close in on the year soon, in a shared learning atmosphere, we wondered, what resolutions for the next year should you drive home? What must you get a hang of? What’s holding you back from business success?

1. Setting new year resolutions for business success

With the readers of SheOwnsIt, I shared my top 3 marketing resolutions for business success in 2016. These included:

a. Invest in shared learning and meet others

Learning at any stage will ensure that you don’t spend all your time learning things and reinventing the wheel instead of spending your energy at improving your creative processes or products. I’ll be the first to admit that, even with a company of my own, I’m open to learning from others and sharing their experiences. It’s shared learning that helps us grow further. You can read my Medium post on why we need shared learning here.

Brandanew [Workshop] How To Use Digital Marketing To Generate Sales For Your Books For Business Success

You’re welcome to visit Brandanew’s workshops & trainings in January in Delhi, India. We’d cover topics including business blogging, digital storytelling and talk about the creative & marketing processes. It’s meant for those with a serious interest in these topics. You could be a brand marketer, a product owner, an entrepreneur, or anyone interested in these themes. We also offer special opportunities to students, with much reduced prices for attendance. Get in touch at for details.

b. Set up goals

I’ve described it before, but for any marketing or branding success, you need a well-defined set of goals. You can’t succeed and reach goals that you did not set. So start today. Take up your spreadsheets or a notebook and say what you’d like to achieve. Then get onto solving for it.

2. What’s holding you back from business success?

Although, many of us know how to go ahead on our goals, we often hold our own selves back. And if I had to sum up, these challenges include:

Not being sure
Not being able to take the risks
Not finding time

If you suffer from any of the above, consider this as the first step. These are all solvable and you need to get out there and do something about them.

3. How can you inspire yourself for business success?

Brandanew’s digital storyteller, Enakshi wrote a wonderful post on how she as a creative inspires herself every day. She turns her fears into motivations to follow her heart at work. Everyone can do it, and it is indeed a matter of choosing the right perspectives.

Part B of ensuring you’re inspiring yourself for business success is to use the best tools in the business that can help you. Here’s a post I wrote for the readers of Hiverhq. These included Sumorank, ANews, Tailwind among others. Have a look at how your brand can use these less known tools.

Business success goals brandanew

As the year closes in, what are you choosing for yourself? Excuses or business success? In hoping it’s the later, I wish you great success. I hope that you get yourself ready!



Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.