What Value Does Social Media Create For Your Brand?

Many clients that I speak with are brilliant business minds. And while they usually know something about social and content, they often do not have specialized or dedicated resources. I am not counting the countless interns who are digital natives using Tinder and do not understand the difference between professional and personal usage. There are no shortcuts to ten thousand hours of practice, really. It normal for a brand to focus heavily on the product and development. The CEO often wears the sales and marketing hat. And usually does not ever have the time for strategic marketing. The perfect consumer experience and social media marketing is often an after thought. The key reason being that usually social & content based channels do not come with quick results. People often do not see “hard” results. On the surface level, paid likes have far worse conversion metrics compared to paid adverts. What value does social media create for your brand? Get your coffee mug (tea, if you wish) and let’s talk social media value today.

What Value Does Social Media Create For Your Brand?

Understanding: What Value Does Social Media Create For Your Brand?

1. Social media and content marketing will drive trust and discoverability: Research shows 52 percent of app downloads are driven by word of mouth. In Contagious, Jonah Berger mentions that an average person ends up having dozens of brand conversation in a day. It’s also been shown in several surveys that about 90 percent consumers tend to choose brands and make purchase decisions based on the recommendations from friends and family. Firms with no social presence are seen with a questioning eye by the millennials. Do you not want to be discovered well?

2. Social media and content marketing will create a unique assets: Think of AirBnB, Whatsapp with strong valuations reaching double digit billions. Whatsapp users manage to send 500 million photos each day. Organic engagement created by these brands is an asset. Consumers are their brand advocates constantly sharing content. Brands spend large chunks of their marketing spends to create such impact. In the digital world, value is often co-created with communities. Consumers are a part of the brand.

3. Social media and content marketing will help differentiate: The Internet has lowered  the barriers to entry. Have you seen Blendtec’s will it blend campaign? We will never ever blend our iPhones, but why not get a blender that is as powerful? Such a strong increase in consumer awareness and brand recall also led to impact on direct sales.

Consumers go through a Zero Moment of Truth before making a purchase (ask Google, they do!). Engagement is a two way process. Social media and content marketing come with their own challenges but create exciting value propositions. Where will you start? Oh, think about it, go get another cup of that tea!

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Upasna Kakroo

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