Top 50 Content Marketing Resources You Need In 2016

Content Marketing and brand storytelling have been around from thousands of years and as a Startup or small business, it’s not just a good to have, but necessary in the 2016 world. The big difference is that consumers are now creating content on multiple platforms themselves. Different channels across the purchase cycle, and brand touch points for consumers have exploded. As a brand, you HAVE to stay tuned to changing consumer behavior and develop a cross-channel content marketing strategy. Here are some content marketing resources that we’ve shared on the Brandanew blog, that we’re listing again for you to have a quick overview as you start!

Top 50 Content Marketing Resources You Need In 2016

Top 50 Content Marketing Resources You Need In 2016

What is Content Marketing?

1. Content Marketing for beginners eCourse: This self-paced, online course will showcase a fully functional process that you can set for your brands/ businesses and create a strategy that works!

2. Content Marketing stepwise guide for eCommerce players: This guideline is specifically for eCommerce players and can help you create opportunities for your online business.

3. Content Marketing begins with you knowing your consumers. Here’s a guideline for creating a buyer persona for your consumers and making sure you start right.

4. Is content marketing the new PR? What’s the difference between Content Marketing and PR and how does the new world function?

5. Content marketing must-haves for your startup and small business. This is where you start!

6. How does SEO get impacted by social media? Here are the tips and guidelines you need!

7. Content Marketing is the new SEO. Here are old SEO techniques that you need to retire.

8. Beginners need to start on the right processes, and avoid some mistakes that can take them off guard. Here are the key guidelines you need to follow to avoid common beginners Content Marketing mistakes.

9. Does Content Marketing impact social media? YES!

10. Get into all the new Content Marketing buzzwords and stay ahead on your implementation.

Content Marketing for Small Businesses and Startups

11. Why do small businesses need to invest in Content Marketing?

12. More reasons why small businesses should be keen on introducing Content marketing in business.

13. How to handle content marketing in a small team! This will be a ready hand guide to you when you’re trying to set up a resource intensive function for your small business or startup.

14. Branding dos and don’ts for your Startups and small businesses. Remember, content is the central part of that!

15. As a small business, you’re overwhelmed by product, admin and financial details. Outsourcing parts of content marketing and getting external help can be crucial in saving time for future. Here are other reasons why you may need external communications help.

16. Learn how to improve your content curation and creation efforts as a small business and startup.

17. How and when to use experts when you’re working on a brand new content marketing strategy for your business.

18. Should you use external social platforms, or build content on your own land (site)? We have some reasons why using own-ed media is a win for your brand.

19. Content Marketing dos and don’ts for startups and small businesses.

20. How much can Content Marketing cost? Does it fit within your budget?

Content Marketing ROI

21. How to measure your content marketing goals and gauge success for your initiatives. Remember, consistency is key in content marketing, but you need to know what you’re measuring and how your brand will be impacted.

22. If you’re thinking sales, then your sales team needs to focus more on Content Marketing. Our guide shows you why!

23. More ideas on how you can create sales through Content Marketing.

24. Content marketing can be resource intensive. If you’re wondering how much content marketing does your brand need, we have a formula!

25. Increasing your earned mentions will help you propel your brand stories and push them out to the world. But to stay authentic, you need best practices that will empower you to stay creative about content marketing. This guide will help!

26. Creating marketing hype for your new products becomes authentic and remarkable with content marketing. These tips will come in easy for you to make your marketing sustainable!

27. How does Content Marketing build trust for your brand?

28. Do you need a content marketing audit? The answer begins with a yes, and there’s more.

Content Marketing Tools

29. Download a simple and FREE editorial calendar for your blogs to ensure your content marketing efforts stay consistent and relevant for your audience.

30. Content Marketing tools for using paid advertising for creating a stronger distribution for your content.

31. Writing headlines for emails, posts, social media and all kinds of content is not the last thing you do. With our small attention spans, headlines are all that get the consumers/ readers attracted. Learn the art of creating headlines that matter!

32. Amazing blogging tools that you can use now and get inspired to create more amazing posts for your readers with style!

33. Top 5 DIY content marketing tools you can use NOW

34. Tools you can use for visuals and infographics for content that really connects well with your audience

35. While using automation and tools works for the very best, there are pitfalls that you need to be aware of! Start learning with our handy guide.

36. With multiple tools and resources, how can you choose the best Content Marketing tools for your business? We have the tips!

37. Learn about the top social media tools you can use for your businesses and brands.

38. Content Marketing apps that keep you ahead of the curve and help you create on-the-go.

39. Learn how to do content marketing research and stay ahead.

Content Marketing creativity and Inspiration

40. Content Marketing needs to be creative for you to standout as a brand. Here’s a content marketing creativity manifesto that every personal and professional brand needs for additional inspiration.

41. Top Content Marketing books to refer to when you’re beginning your content marketing journey and starting off.

42. Learn the top tactics and skills you need to create remarkable content for your brands. You can no longer afford to be mediocre. You need to be on the top of your game, each day!

43. If you feel overwhelmed by content, you’re not alone. Here are our top time management tips for brand owners and creatives, to stay on top of their content marketing games!

44. Here’s a run down of not one but 50 creative storytelling ideas for your brands. Grab these!

Content Marketing Trends

45. Top digital marketing trends for 2016 and beyond. Sign up for our eCourse to have all these statistics and more delivered to you directly with a FREE eBook.

46. Top content marketing goals you can set for your brands in 2016 and beyond

47. How to future proof your brands with content and other amazing consumer trends!

48. Content Marketing statistics that may surprise you to do more than just hangout.

Content Marketing Examples

49. Here are companies that are really doing well with content and those that you can really learn from!

50. Top blogs that are really creating standout Content Marketing performance and what you can learn from them.

What success are you seeing with Content Marketing? Are there any particular challenges that you face? Do share them with me in the comments or on Twitter!


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