Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed

Content Marketing’s true worth was emphasized by Bill Gates when he said, “Content is king.” Since 1996 when this statement was made by one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, the three words have gone really, really viral. Whether the true essence was understood or not, the sentence spread like wildfire. Maybe that is one of the reasons why almost every brand created a content marketing campaign initiated by a blog but gradually they posted less and less, eventually abandoning the idea.

This kind of content marketing does little more than adding unnecessary, unpleasant ‘noise’ on the internet. It’s not only useless; it’s harmful to your brand. People who stumble upon an unkempt brand blog form a bad image of the brand and are highly unlikely to come back.

Why is it that despite multiple tries your content marketing campaign failed? What went wrong where? Let’s have a look.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed

Mistake #1: You didn’t PLAN your content well

Planning a content marketing campaign requires you to determine the topics that will engage and interest your target audience. Your audience will not always be interested you find intriguing and relating to your business. You cannot go about writing on random topics and expect your audience to read and share them.

You can either apply the ‘skyscraper technique’ to find what’s hot and what’s not in the content marketing world, or you could write articles that addresses the questions and queries of your target audience. Either way, you should be mindful to write on topics that relate with your business and the audience alike.

Mistake #2: You didn’t do your best in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not just choking keywords in your articles; it is a feature which has a great role to play in getting your blog traffic. A little bit of keyword research goes a long way in boosting your blog. Your audience will find your blog through the keywords they search for.

Don’t take SEO for granted. Many blogs failed to get their content acknowledged just because of lack of good SEO techniques.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed 2

Mistake #3: You lacked in content PROMOTION

You content will not miraculously get viral or have a strong reach. With the excess spillage of all sorts of good and bad content on the internet, you cannot hope that after hitting the ‘publish’ button your content will itself find its way to interested audience. No way! You have to devote efforts into promoting it and making it noticeable.

You can do that by:

  • Joining or building a community
  • Broadcasting your content across all social media channels
  • Tapping the people who are already sharing similar or relevant content
  • Paid advertisements of your blog

Mistake #4: You didn’t ANALYZE the statistics

The process of analyzing is a tedious one; no wonder it’s usually the least favorite activities for many marketers. However no matter how bitter it may seem, analyzing is the final key to content that soars. You cannot hope to find which parts of the campaign have been a boon and which have been a downer for the brand. Analyze and mark the topics that aroused the audience most. Measuring your success is vital to keep the flow going.

Mistake #5: You ended the campaign too soon

Content marketing is a long term regimen which performs different roles for the various stages in a sales funnel. In simpler words, you need to keep on creating content which remains applicable and sustainable for a long time and for all stages of a buying process.

Content marketing takes patience and time. You might have to create and re-create content over and over again, publish and promote shamelessly over the internet, and analyze every tiny detail of the campaign before you figure out what works best for your brand. If you lose faith and hope too early in the process, your campaign can never reach the heights it could have.

To conclude, any successful agency would tell you that content marketing is an integrative cyclic process: Plan, Create, Publish and Promote, Analyze, Repeat.

Are you ready to create magic?

Author Rachel Stinson Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign FailedAbout Guest Author:  Rachel Stinson is based out of Dubai and works for brand design agency, Elephantation. She is an avid reader and writer who loves music and movies.

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