Top 5 DIY Content Marketing Tools & Resources That You Need NOW

As marketers, when we are in a hurry trying to create new, interesting content for our audience. We can sometimes forget how easy it is, nowadays, to take advantage of some great DIY content marketing tools. These really can take your content marketing efforts to the next level!     

Today we’ll be talking about some free tools that you may not have heard about or may not have given the attention they deserve.

Do not reinvest the wheel, give your content marketing initiatives a head-start, start here.

top 5 DIY Content Marketing tools and resources

DIY Content Marketing Tools & Resources

#1 is a piece of software that adds a small Call-to-Action (CTA) pop-up to any web page that you share. It’s a very useful tool, particularly when you want to share interesting content that you find online. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: your followers discover great content from other sources, the original content creator gets more traffic from a different audience and you get to spread the word out about your own content!

How it works:

– Find a great piece of content that you think your audience will love, you copy the URL
– Go to Sniply, paste it on your dashboard, to get a custom shortened link that
– Share your link. When clicked, it will show your visitors the whole page as it is, along with a small pop-up on the bottom that they can click to find out more about you.

You can also use as a simple newsletter opt-in form, allowing you to collect email addresses for your newsletter when you share your own content. You can also set it up so that every piece of content that you create on your blog will carry your preferred CTA with it.

The tool is free for the first 1000 clicks that you generate. With the free version you can add a photo and a button to your CTA, change its size and some other features. If you upgrade to the Pro version you’ll get more customization options, like changing the colors of the pop-up as well as adding a form and images to your pop-up.

Check out this video so you can see the tool in action:


#2 RooJoom

Roojoom is an impressive tool that allows its users to organize previously created content in an engaging and interactive display, which is in-line with the latest content marketing trends.

With this tool you can create “Tracks”. These are a type of presentation that incorporates several types of media content in a beautiful and organized layout that subtly asks viewers to keep going through the content using a step-by-step approach. You can embed your tracks wherever you want, such as your blog, newsletters, social media pages, landing pages, etc…

RooJoom claims their tool can decrease bounce duration on landing pages by 72%, and increase click-through rates in Social campaigns by 734%! The company also shared a case study on their website where Israel21C, an Israeli magazine, was able to receive more than 13.000 views in just 4 days… and they did this without creating any new content! Check out their presentation here.

You might also want to read this great article with tips for creating great RooJoom presentations!

This tool is free up to 1000 visitors/month, but if you want to customize colors or incorporate a logo you’ll have to upgrade your account.

#3 Twitshot

If you use Twitter and don’t usually share images with your followers, then you’re missing out a lot! Buffer has done a small study where they analysed 100 tweets and what they’ve found was that tweets with images received 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets!

Twitter doesn’t natively import images from the URLs that we share, which is why the vast majority of users don’t tweet posts with images. It takes too long to create and upload custom pictures into tweets, so most people just skip this step. However, you can take advantage of this, and stand out from your competitors just by using Twitshot!

DIY content marketing tools and resources brandanew

When you find something online that you’d like to share, just pop on Twitshot’s website (or use their Chrome app), paste the URL on their dashboard. The tool will automatically search for the images associated with the page. You then just need to pick the image that you prefer and write the content for the tweet. If you use a service like to shorten your links you can go to first and then paste the shortened link into Twitshot’s interface.

Twitshot is free, it integrates with Buffer and is really easy to use, so be sure to include it in your content marketing tools arsenal! 🙂

#4 StumbleUpon

Stumble Upon is a unique tool (and very underutilized!). It’s works as a social bookmarking tool, allowing us to submit our own content and to bookmark external pages that we find interesting. The platform allows users to upvote or downvote the submitted pages. The pages that get more upvotes are ranked better and start to appear on other users’ feeds.

After signing up on the platform you can select all the categories that you’re interested in following, and then Stumble Upon will start showing you content that meets your criteria. You can upvote or downvote every web page that you come across, share what you’ve found and bookmark great finds onto a list. Then you can press the “Stumble!” button to keep browsing your customized feed.

Every user can submit his own web pages but if you want to increase your chances of getting more eyeballs on your content you can also pay Stumble Upon to promote your posts to a targeted audience. You can also follow other “Stumblers”, specific Interests and Channels (brands, companies and celebrities).

This platform has the reputation of bringing big spikes of traffic to websites and you’ll find that the most popular pages of every category have been seen more than a hundred thousand of times! On the other hand, traffic from Stumble Upon tends to convert less than other social media networks, and people usually don’t stick around the pages for long. You can compensate for these tendencies by making sure the “above-the-fold” section of your website is very enticing and that your content is skimmable and of the highest quality.

For great tips on how to use this great tool to spread the word about your content check out this blog post.

#5 Medium

Medium is technically a blogging platform, but since its launch it has transformed itself into something much bigger.

The platform allows users to write blog posts in a beautiful and clean interface, while also giving them access to a community that actively engages with the content, commenting on the blog posts and giving recommendations. When people read your post and “recommend it” (Medium’s own way of “liking” a post) the platform pushes it to the top of the stories feed, making it more likely that it gets seen. You can search for specific publications (collections of curated posts) to submit your stories and essays. This can help you take advantage of the big following that some of them receive (many have thousands of followers!).

Medium also has unique features that make it stand out from other publishing platforms, such as the ability to highlight specific sentences within blog posts and adding comments. They are have the the ability to invite and collaborate with other writers to work on the same blog post. 

If you’re curious about this tool, here’s a great article with tips on how to get found on Medium and an analysis of the platform by Lauren Modery, a writer who increased her social media following and got several job opportunities since she started writing on Medium.   

Read our Medium post on why you need to invest in learning opportunities. Our workshops/ trainings are here

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So there you have it, a handful of tools that will surely take your content marketing to the next level. Have you tried any other DIY Content marketing tools that you love? What were your results? 🙂 Share them with us!


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