The Story of a Storyteller: How Do I Inspire Myself To Write Everyday

Writing is a hard job. Of course I do it because I love writing but there are times when I am tired and out of ideas but I must deliver and meet my professional goals. It is not easy to keep on going incessantly without any motivation. So, I always find some way to inspire myself to meet my new deadlines. Some of these tricks may sound silly but I have found that they really work. So, here’s a story of a storyteller in me and the retelling of just how do I inspire myself to write everyday!

The Story of a Storyteller: How Do I Inspire Myself To Write Everyday

The Story of a Storyteller: How Do I Inspire Myself To Write Everyday

1. Rewarding Myself:

The first option is the trick our parents or sometimes our teachers used with us for a long time, the typical carrot and stick policy. But it really works, when I find something that matters to me and motivates me without pushing myself too hard. For instance that day I got the DVD for a film I desperately wanted to watch. But I stopped myself from watching it immediately. I had work to complete and I convinced myself that I would only watch it after the work is done. So I pushed myself harder and finished the work sooner than usual.

2. Changing My Location:

Even in the old days people advised each other to get away to a different place to refresh themselves. Sometimes they traveled to the hills to regain health or sometimes to find inspiration. Now, I am not suggesting that you run to a national park every time you face writer’s block. All I am saying is that monotony is our biggest enemy. Especially those of us who live alone, and work solo or remotely, they tend to get sucked into a worrisome routine of bed to work to bed. So, even going out of your room and working at a park or a coffee shop for a while will fresh you up with new sights and sounds and you will find new ideas to write about.

3. Typing on phone:

Sounds too juvenile? Not really! Let me explain why.

Maintaining concentration is a hard job for writers like me. When I am working on my laptop, I always get tempted to do other things. Sometimes I open the browser to check my mails and Facebook. Sometimes I constantly surf through my music collection and hope to find song that will inspire me but it only ends up wasting tons of time. I also get tempted to watch a new movie or a series if I have with me. On top, if you are also a fan of computer games then even God cannot help you!

Smartphone is a very competent smaller device. I cannot multitask so easily on the phone. I have to go in and out of my apps and open a different app for everything I want to do. I find it tiresome and so I generally stick to one task at a time. In short, the phone prevents me from diverting my attention by making the process more tedious. There have been times that I have completed more assignments sitting at a restaurant and typing on my phone than sitting in my own room and typing on a computer. 

4. Going through Old Posts:

Sometimes I go through the “completely out of ideas and motivation” phase despite my best efforts. SI generally take inspiration from literature in such conditions. For instance, I put my soul into reading Marquez or Rushdie. But let us face the harsh truth. There’s a large 20,000 hours I may need to write divine like them and I cannot suddenly get there by merely reading their work. So who is the person capable of inspiring me the right way? Yes, it is myself! So, I go back to my own writing at times. Some old blog post that  have received good feedback or something I published a couple of years ago. These remind me that I can do better than what I am doing currently.

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Enakshi Sharma

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
Enakshi is a storyteller, curator (India Art Fair, 2015), anchor (May Queen, 2015), research associate (Centre for Civil Society, India), a travel writer and a blogger. She's a Digital Storyteller for Brandanew.