The Art Of Storytelling – Converting Fairytales To Brand Stories

When Brothers Grimm wrote up those wonderful stories stocked up in the forests coming up with one engaging fairytale over other, they perhaps did not realize the nostalgia, and childhood sense of fulfillment they would evoke in adults and children a century ahead. Fairytales with all their quirks and issues brought forward by modernists and Shreks, still remain stories that we remember. The art of storytelling is the power of its capture, the reach and the recall. Much like we would like brand stories to be, ideally. Converting the idea of fairytales into brand stories, is not easy. But perhaps not so for Brandanew’s first and new digital storyteller. She sure is one and we’re happy to welcome her aboard!

The Art of Storytelling Converting Fairytales into Brand Stories

The Art Of Storytelling – Converting Fairytales To Brand Stories

From our storyteller, here are some great tips for creating engaging brand stories. The tips originally appeared in a Medium article here.

Great stories have a hook. As a brand trying to capture the imagination of the user, all you need is a hook, and then the need to put the customer at the center of the plot. Make them belong. And build the storytelling arch, the drama to finally give them a happy ending. Here’s a digital storytelling framework to use when creating your story.

Retaining The Art of Storytelling: What Brands Must Not Do

1. Don’t be Cruella — just quit the show off!

No one wants to hear your (brand/product) self-praises over and over again. Don’t keep talking about yourself- instead let the product do its own talking, organically. Keep the audience at the center.

2. Don’t run on Cinderella’s time — make it last!

Even if you are a big brand, do not disappear. Consistency is key to building brand recall.

3. Don’t be a bore — what if the shoe never got lost?

Create some drama. The audience will like being exposed to a storytelling curve. Do not only share neutrality.

4. Don’t go haywire — stick to a theme!

No one wants a Star Wars & Barbie hybrid! Stick to your niche. You can’t be posting about fairy tale weddings, when you’re actually trying to sell adventure gear.

5. Don’t add to their grief — make it a happy ending!

We like happy. An involved audience at the end of your campaign, wants to leave with a happy thought or memory. Work hard on creating that. This could be in the form of rewards for your loyal customers or offers to the ones who are buying your products for the first time.

6. Don’t make the ending a definite one — keep them wanting more!

The only way to ensure that your audience keeps coming back for more stories from you is by ending your first one on a happy note that not just nudges them towards your products and services, but also leaves them with something to think about. Human minds are always intrigued by what’s happening around them and why- make sure you make the most out of that.

So, the next time you decide to be the Brothers Grimm for your brand, don’t forget to hone your art of storytelling by reminding yourself of these tips from our storyteller.

About Vanhishikha Bhargava: A passionate social media marketer, Vanhishikha specializes in content creation, and utilizes her skills to create compelling copy for social media and digital campaigns. She also dabbles in growth hacking and is currently working as a Digital and Content Marketing Expert. Vanishikha is Brandanew’s new digital storyteller, wish her luck 🙂


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