7 Insanely Easy Ways to Mess Up Your Social Media Efforts in 2017

Your social media efforts in 2017 will define how your brand is perceived by new and existing customers. Social media has already become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. It’s obviously a powerful tool of influencing target audiences and selling your product to the right people. And, as usual, with great power comes […]

How to not ruin your social media budget

How Social Media Marketing Can Ruin Your Budget

Social media marketing is a must for every business today. But the question is, are you spending your social media marketing dollars wisely? Technology continues to evolve–this means that new trends and marketing tools are coming about, giving you far too options. Every campaign usually begins with a test. Once you figure out what works best for […]

25 Marketers Share Awesome Social Analytics Tools For 2016

25 Marketers Share Awesome Social Analytics Tools For 2016

2015 was a great year for Content marketers and brand owners. Social analytics and video marketing are likely to be the key marketing trends for 2016. The pace of technology has altered the way we view digital and connect with our customers. Most small business and Startup founders are talking about customer engagement and social […]

5 Social Media Trends For Small Businesses

Infographic: 5 Social Media Trends For Small Businesses

In a 2015 social media trends report shared by Social Media Examiner, tons of interesting information is available for marketers and brand owners. For those who don’t have the time to go through the 53-pager, here are the 5 social media trends for small businesses summarized for a review! 5 Social Media Trends For Small Businesses […]

How To Build Word Of Mouth In The Digital Age

How to build word of mouth in the digital age- The STEPPS Concept

Many digital marketers and brand owners trying to stand out are often thinking through the best methods and ways of creating contagious content. While, most times it’s hard to pin-point what will work and what won’t, research provides some great answers in this regard. In his exceptional and ground breaking work and a Content Marketing must-read […]

3 challenges while creating content and how to overcome them

3 Challenges While Creating Content (And How To Overcome Them)

Creating original content or curating the best brand relevant content IS stressful, especially when you’re working on a lean startup model or building a personal brand alongside your usual business/ work. On an everyday basis, as a part of a Content Marketing team with my clients and Brandanew itself, we all go through cycles of […]

How not to handle negative comments on social media

How Not to Handle Negative Comments On Social Media

Recently, I wrote a piece on how brands should react to social media comments. And while I was doing some basic research and thinking through my own experience, I came through plenty of examples where brands were doing just the opposite. Here’s a run through of how not to handle negative comments on real-time social […]

How To Choose Your Digital Marketing Channels And Tactics

How To Choose Your Digital Marketing Channels

As a small business or a startup owner, the digital world can be brutal and overwhelming when you think through which tactics you can use and which channels are going to work for you. Because, just like all rules in marketing, not every channel and tactic fits with your target audience and brand. Just like infinite […]

7 Reasons Why Tweetchats Help You Build a Remarkable Brand

7 Reasons Why Tweetchats Help You Build a Remarkable Brand

Recently with @brandanewco we participated in the wonderful and weekly #BrandChat and while being an active participant, this post came to the head. As an online company, sometimes it is quite possible that while producing the perfect products and services online, the human touch takes a back seat. Events that involve connections with real people […]