2016 Social Media Trends And Statistics That Were Crazy!

Social Media has become an essential part of everyone’s life, it is addictive! From business to personal communication it immerses us all. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest have opened a new gateway to express and connect. However some social media trends and statistics have really been crazy! Here’s a look back at the year so […]

How to Build A Massive Community on Instagram For Your Brand

How to Build A Massive Community on Instagram For Your Brand

When utilized in the most proper manner, a large community on Instagram for your brand can be a highly-effective visual advertising channel. Recent studies showcase that this platform can provide 25% more engagement with consumers when compared to other social media channels. This means that Instagram could be a prime channel for building your brand or e-commerce […]


6 Brands That’ve Created Business Value Via Niche Social Communities

We’ve time and again shared the importance of niche social communities in today’s digital world. Niche social communities work when they’re connected, engaged and generate consumer value. It’s more desirable to be appreciated by a select set of followers in a specific area, rather than run around getting generic likes that amount to nothing. Today we have examples […]

Social Trends Podcast A Vision For A Business Operating System

Social Trends Podcast: A Vision For A Business Operating System

The Social Trends Show where we meet social experts, brand owners, bloggers and all sorts of creatives got a high degree of ultra cool recently. We spoke to a cartoonist and all round creative, Meera Sapra. Now Meera incidentally, also wears another hat of being the social media guru at Zoho. She recently shared Zoho’s vision […]

Does Your Brand Have A Social Media Etiquette Policy

Does Your Brand Have A Social Media Etiquette Policy?

Social Media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. have become important channels of direct communication between brands and consumers. The applies in the case of both passive & active seekers of new product and brand experiences. It’s equally true for your B2B customers. While you already have external social media policies, look inwards. Do you have a social media etiquette […]

Why Your Brand's Social Media Impact is Low

Why Your Brand’s Social Media Impact is Low

I was recently talking with a prospective client and we talked through the challenges they were facing. The client had just finished their “father’s day campaign” and the social media impact on sales seemed a little disappointing. She wasn’t sure why this was the case. The gut decision to “do something on social” seemed right, but the […]

How to not ruin your social media budget

How Social Media Marketing Can Ruin Your Budget

Social media marketing is a must for every business today. But the question is, are you spending your social media marketing dollars wisely? Technology continues to evolve–this means that new trends and marketing tools are coming about, giving you far too options. Every campaign usually begins with a test. Once you figure out what works best for […]

How Do I Improve My Social Media Presence

How Do I Improve My Social Media Presence?

Building a social media presence is something that every marketer is concerned about. Social media creates remarkable value for your organization for the long term.  It looks straightforward to start with, but that’s rarely the case. You need to to develop the right kind of presence at scale that is consistent with your brand image. This […]

3 Best Practices of Generating Positive Content Via Campaigns

3 Best Practices of Generating Positive Content Via Campaigns

Running campaigns on social media can be exhausting. Sometimes you seem to be sending in the right messages and stories, yet your audience just doesn’t respond as well as you expect. Worse still, you get a flurry of negativity on your campaigns. Generating positive content via campaigns is key to brand activation and engagement. We’ll get […]

10 Social Media Terms That You Must Know!

10 Social Media Terms That You Must Know!

Every field is loaded with jargons. Social media like most other fields is full of terminology that sometimes you’re even embarrassed to be asking about, because these are used so much. Not knowing the meaning of a few unique social media terms can hinder your very understanding of the issues you face. While it is not possible to […]