2016 Social Media Trends And Statistics That Were Crazy!

Social Media has become an essential part of everyone’s life, it is addictive! From business to personal communication it immerses us all. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest have opened a new gateway to express and connect. However some social media trends and statistics have really been crazy! Here’s a look back at the year so […]


5 Terrible Social Media Fails in 2016 That You Must Avoid

Brands are closer to their audience with the help of social media. They experiment and try various creative styles to win hearts. But quite often ideas may end up in a paradox when the implementation goes awry. Social media fails can prove to be costly and brands may have to balance a tricky situation to regain their position. […]

4 reasons why your firm should start blogging now

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Blogging NOW (And a Surprise)

Even in today’s times, many business – big or small, are way behind the mark when it comes to SEO, content marketing and blogging. They’re dabbling in all other digital marketing techniques, and blogs and social content is being largely ignored on account of these channels not being effective enough. Where does your blogging fear lie at? It’s true […]