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10 Ultimate Storytelling Skills That Make Your Brand Stories Remarkable

In our ultimate storytelling guideline, we shared how storytelling began from pre-historic times. It is definitely not new. For marketers and business owners, storytelling helps you keep the audience glued to your brand and connect with them emotionally. Many tend to believe that storytelling skills are an exotic mumbo-jumbo that cannot be taught. But, the reality is, authentic brand storytelling […]

How Does Storytelling Affect Our Brains?

How do we learn about our early ancestors, the early Homo Sapiens, who were yet to develop writing skills? Yes, the most vivid evidence of their times are the cave paintings they left behind. The earlier known cave paintings are thousands of years old and they tell the story of those societies, how they lived, hunted or […]

5 Steps Towards Effective Storytelling

5 Steps Towards Effective Storytelling

Effective storytelling can build or completely change your brand image. However, like most things that mean something, it is not easy. It takes consistent work and specialized skills to develop the story in the manner that evokes the emotions that you want your audience to feel. It is even more true for brand stories and marketing […]

The Power Of Digital Story For Your Brand

The Power of Digital Story For Your Brand (And How To Create One)

There are plenty of ‘recommended’ elements needed for the success of a Startup or  a small business brand. The power of digital story for your brand isn’t something you haven’t already heard of. Storytelling has fast moved into the category of a buzzword and a new need for brand success, yet very few people tend to explain how this […]

Storytelling and Content Marketing Brandanew

Hello World. Start Afresh. Brandanew.

On a sunny day of Spring, we begin. Start afresh and Brandanew. What problem were we addressing? In the early 80s in India where I grew up, we had a beautiful video that played on national television. It had these lines and images (not modern but beautifully put together) that spoke volumes. The one that […]