50 Must Have Features to Include in Your Small Business Website

It’s tough to survive in today’s highly competitive market. It’s almost impossible to thrive without a solid online presence. A website has become one of the most important aspects of a brand’s online marketing strategy. Without an optimized brand website, your small business will not stand out. Most modern customers are used to easy access of information online and expect […]


Top Five Branding Strategies You Can Leverage in 2017

Businesses of all sizes develop branding strategies to ultimately develop a distinction over competitive offerings in a customer’s mind. Your customers should be able to distill your brand’s essence in your stories, marketing activities and products. Needless to say, building brand differentiation and a narrative requires careful thought. Your products communication must maintain your brand tonality and also help your brand stand out. […]

Brandanew [Workshop] How To Use Digital Marketing To Generate Sales For Your Books For Business Success

Monthly Roundup: What’s Holding You Back From Business Success?

This past month at Brandanew has been more offline than online. We hosted our first digital marketing workshops in Ann Arbor, which were received wonderfully by the audience. Ann Arbor’s been a wonderful move for me and Brandanew. It’s a city full of academics, interesting people and creatives working towards business success. I meet many […]

Storytelling Skills You Need brandanew

10 Ultimate Storytelling Skills That Make Your Brand Stories Remarkable

In our ultimate storytelling guideline, we shared how storytelling began from pre-historic times. It is definitely not new. For marketers and business owners, storytelling helps you keep the audience glued to your brand and connect with them emotionally. Many tend to believe that storytelling skills are an exotic mumbo-jumbo that cannot be taught. But, the reality is, authentic brand storytelling […]

How to Create Remarkable Video Ads For Social Media Brandanew video snap

How to Create Remarkable Video Ads On Social Media

Facebook tells us that we need to create remarkable video ads. And I constantly have this nostalgic image in my head. Some of us might not remember the times when online videos suffered from buffering and time lags because the network speeds were so low. It does sound like a 80s geek movie now. We have a plethora […]