How to Create a Great First Year in Your Own Business

How to Create a Great First Year in Your Own Business

When starting a new online business, you must take into consideration that most businesses struggle within their first year. Even with helpful technology on their side, the first year of business can be a make or break time. This is why it is important to set up your business the right way with thoughtfulness. Here are […]


5 Funny Business Ideas That Actually Worked

Have you ever considered expanding your business, but you are running short of ideas? Perhaps you are thinking that your business idea is so ridiculous that it will be a flop. To keep you motivated, here is a list of five funny business ideas that actually ended up as big hits. Read through these tips and you might […]


50 Must Have Features to Include in Your Small Business Website

It’s tough to survive in today’s highly competitive market. It’s almost impossible to thrive without a solid online presence. A website has become one of the most important aspects of a brand’s online marketing strategy. Without an optimized brand website, your small business will not stand out. Most modern customers are used to easy access of information online and expect […]


8 Reasons Why Startups Should Focus on Digital Strategies in 2017

One of the biggest questions of today’s digital entrepreneurship is – where do you start? Which digital strategies in 2017 will enhance your brand performance? Using a digital plan to support digital transformation and lead it towards your objectives is the first step to take. Surprisingly, even though the internet is in its full swing (as […]


Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing?

YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers, and other social media influencers are dominating the world of advertising and brand endorsements. But does this mean that influencer marketing is taking the place of traditional advertising? It seems that several studies are supporting this hypothesis, showing that influencer marketing can improve every aspect of a brand’s performance. So it’s only […]

Why Your Business Needs A Remarkable Brand Vision and Values

Why Your Business Needs A Remarkable Brand Vision and Values

Few brands live the test of time. In a world of startups that fail 90% of the times, we’re all struggling with different hats and identifying which one truly fits. All sorts of brands- personal, entrepreneurial or old school players need something special to succeed. The golden key is in fact in our own hands. […]

The Remarkable History Behind How Brands Originated

The Remarkable History Behind How Brands Originated

Brand comes from the old Norse word, ‘Brandr’, that means- ‘to burn’ referring to the old tradition of using hot iron rods to mark out cattle as a sign of ownership. Branding has existed in various forms for centuries. Some of the rest and best known modern brands today are over a hundred years old. For instance, the […]

Which Emotions Do Authentic Brand Stories Evoke

Which Emotions Do Authentic Brand Stories Evoke?

It’s easy to think of authenticity as a buzzword. But just because everyone’s using it doesn’t make it less important. It’s pertinent that we think through the tenets of authentic brand stories. And today, I’m going to look at these from the lens of emotions. Which real emotions should your brands evoke? How do you […]

How To Develop Your Personal Brand As A Millennial Brandanew

How To Develop Your Personal Brand As A Millennial

The idea that you have to develop your personal brand is not an option you leave out for the exam, having crammed up the rest of the stuff. In today’s digital world with a gazillion channels and platforms, it’s the only way to stay in control with your online persona(s). Whether you’re starting off with […]