10 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started Blogging Brandanew

10 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Everyone blogs these days. It is no longer something to get shocked with… well at least that is what most people think. Before I started blogging everything seemed easy. Soon I realized, a lot of people blog just for the sake of blogging. Very few actually make any money ever and even fewer can make […]

30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable

30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable

We keep asking you- no insisting that you must work hard at developing your professional and corporate blogs. From an SEO, branding and content marketing perspective, a good strong blog bodes well for your business. There are a ton of creative ideas for your blog that can set things on fire. You can provide consumers […]

Can a blog make money brandanew

How Can a Blog Make Money and How Much Can I Earn?

It’s 2016. All your friends are either sharing professional looking images or deciding to be professional bloggers. Ever wondered- can a blog make money? Read on, we have the answers! If you’ve read our first post in our Blogging series about what is a blog and why you need one, you’re aware of how important […]


7 Awesome Tools For Professional Blogging You Must Use

A lot of bloggers think blogging is only about writing a few paragraphs interspersed with images. I’m not trying to be cynical here, but there’s a plethora of blogs which would do really well if created professionally. Blogging is a writing medium that works in sync with modern technology and marketing tactics. The knowledge of the medium […]

what is a blog and why do i need one brandanew

What is a Blog and Why Do I Need One?

Recently I had a quick look at Quora and found out that users were still talking about whether or not blogs are for them. Sometimes it’s good to take another look at the basics. While you’ve heard enough insights and stats on blogging itself on our blog, this post is starting from the start. Blogs are one of […]

How to generate leads through business blogging

How To Generate Leads Through Business Blogging

Business blogging has been around for quite some time. Generating leads through business blogging has become key to accepted content marketing ROI. Yet, some companies maintain business blogs even without knowing what to do with them. As a “me too” strategy or just because it has become the norm. The good news is: business blogging is not a mere hygiene […]

4 reasons why your firm should start blogging now

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Blogging NOW (And a Surprise)

Even in today’s times, many business – big or small, are way behind the mark when it comes to SEO, content marketing and blogging. They’re dabbling in all other digital marketing techniques, and blogs and social content is being largely ignored on account of these channels not being effective enough. Where does your blogging fear lie at? It’s true […]