10 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started Blogging Brandanew

10 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Everyone blogs these days. It is no longer something to get shocked with… well at least that is what most people think. Before I started blogging everything seemed easy. Soon I realized, a lot of people blog just for the sake of blogging. Very few actually make any money ever and even fewer can make […]

30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable

30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable

We keep asking you- no insisting that you must work hard at developing your professional and corporate blogs. From an SEO, branding and content marketing perspective, a good strong blog bodes well for your business. There are a ton of creative ideas for your blog that can set things on fire. You can provide consumers […]

what is a blog and why do i need one brandanew

What is a Blog and Why Do I Need One?

Recently I had a quick look at Quora and found out that users were still talking about whether or not blogs are for them. Sometimes it’s good to take another look at the basics. While you’ve heard enough insights and stats on blogging itself on our blog, this post is starting from the start. Blogs are one of […]

7 Ways to future proof your brand in 2016 and beyond

7 Ways To Future Proof Your Brand In 2016 And Beyond (And A Bonus)

There are old brand ads that we still love. But a very small number of global brands manage to withstand the test of time. For Startups these numbers are even more glaring. 90% of Startups fail. There are numerous brands that never take off. There are also brands that are hugely successful for a short while but do not adapt to the changing markets. […]

10 Top Marketing And Sales Blogs We Love! Brandanew

10 Top Marketing And Sales Blogs We Love!

One of the primary benefits of internet is that it has democratized knowledge. Anyone can learn almost anything from the comfort of their homes. Fittingly, it is also easy to learn about the internet itself by reading various sites and blogs. Especially if you are interested in online marketing, there is no dearth of quality […]

How To Find Blogging Inspiration Brandanew co

How To Find Blogging Inspiration

Sometimes, being consistent with blogging is a tough ask for brands and Startups. Not just because it is time consuming, but also because of the sheer effort. To create good content is a challenge that demands constant effort and sometimes the genius inside of us can exhaust itself pretty well. But hitting a wall is also about […]