5 Remarkable Tactics To Reach the Right Consumers

Creating fabulous content is the best thing your brand can do. However, it is indeed a pity if that content reaches no one. Or to put it differently, if it does not reach the right consumers. Usually, I get tons of emails from people wanting to establish an online brand. Many founders are looking for instant fame, and getting viral. A ton of them also look at measuring their performance through likes and shares only as pure vanity metrics. But the key to success is in creating business impact through your content. You need to focus on targeting your content to your niche and not be random. Let’s learn how this can be done!

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5 Remarkable Tactics To Reach the Right Consumers

5 Remarkable Tactics To Reach the Right Consumers


1. Sketch out a buyer profile

Here’s where you can start on how to define your buyers in details. It’s critical for you to know who you want to reach. This helps you define the content you need, the channels you need to focus on and be learn. Content marketing is labor intensive, therefore, it is important to stay focused to your audience, and create for them not for random likes that don’t convert. Think about what market you’re in!

2. Do your market research and learn about your market

Content marketing research can be in many forms. Research the latest trends in your industry, find out what your competitors are saying, find out and survey the challenges your customers are facing. Basically, stay on your toes when it comes to knowing your industry, consumer and market. With so much overflowing data all around, you need to stand out with relevant and timely content. Do not dish out things that no one cares about.

3. Understand your customer’s buying journey and experiences

At first they looked at your instagram handle and liked it. Later they found you on Facebook and sent you a message. Eventually, they tagged their friends on your social posts. Now as you checked your website statistics, you saw that the same person had put a few items in her shopping basket and left it. In a few more weeks, finally she bought a cute little top from your store. Sounds like your customers?

From mobile devices, to tablets to desktops and across various social and online media, your customers do not follow just one single route to reach you. This is the reason why your presence on these media is not just good to have but necessary. Your content needs to address your buyer in her different moods- just checking, or comparing, or ready to buy. You need to influence the zero moment of truth and map your customer’s journey to serve them with content they need at each stage. Here’s a good formula on how much content do you really need. Target based on the stage, channel and consumer experience. You’ll see how the results WILL show.

4. Have a sonically synchronous voice

Here’s a story from Taylor Swift. Taylor lost the Grammy album of the year in 2014. In her own admission she said, her album in 2014 was still being prompted as a Country album, while it also had a significant amount of pop infused into it. For her 2015 work she decided to focus on creating a full blown pop album and to create a sonically synchronous voice through her work. Not surprisingly, she won the 2015 album of the year as an overwhelming favorite.

It is important to stick to your brand tonality and have a consistent pitch that you’re sharing with your customers. Delight them with different kinds of content, but stay true to your ethos as a brand. This enables you to stay authentic about what you’re offering and connects you strongly with people you’re targeting. Remember, your style will attract your tribe.

5. Create a two-way communication channel and know what your customers want

Usually there’s a gap between what you think your consumers want and what they actually want. Survey, ask through emails, social media and your blogs. Always be in the know and feel free to check what challenges your customers are facing. Asking them directly will also help them see the value that you bring in the relationship. The plethora of platforms we have available now present a great opportunity for interaction and co-creation. Use it to build a brand that your customers love!

What are some of the tactics you’ve used to reach the right customers? Do share your challenges and experiences with us!


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.