September Roundup: Brandanew is 1, What’s Your Brand Story?

Last year this day, October 7th, 2014, we registered the Brandanew domain name and got a placeholder and social media handles.  The site and background work took another few months before the official launch in March 2015. We’ve had several milestone moments since, and there’s a lot to look back at when connecting the dots and when someone’s asking us, so, what’s your brand story? I would love to share some of these with you all today and also what we’ve been working on through this month.

Theme 1: How Is  Digital Media Changing Consumers And Us?

a) From September 27th-29th, 2015 I attended a digital media workshop. My research paper was chosen by a panel and I presented the findings in this expert-only workshop in Washington D.C. The workshop was themed: New Media and the changes it was causing in our ecosystem across politics, communications to policy making. My paper was titled: The Gender Bias- Women in the online space with a case study of women online in IndiaThe conference was hosted by the Swiss embassy in D.C. and it felt nice to be on European soil again. This research was possible with the responses and help from all those who filled in our digital media survey. I had also conducted exploratory interviews for two years from 2013 which was the base for the paper. I will soon share the paper for a download for anyone interested!

September Roundup 1- Brandanew is 1, What's Your Brand Story

b) Irish tech news names 42 tech women making a difference in 2015:  The Irish tech news listed me as one of the 42 women in technology making a difference through my digital marketing work. I am humbled and honored that Brandanew in its short time span has led me to this remarkable achievement! It feels good and I am totally kicked to do more each day! Digital media has lowered the barriers to entry in any market making it possible for anyone, anywhere to start their new work without needing to be a media mogul or a millionaire. I do believe that to me is the power of the digital age. As a young company, the only limitation right now is just how much work can we take up and how we can generate the capacity to discover more avenues.

I also realized that women everywhere have a great opportunity to follow their dreams and not be held back. We have the power to use digital media to democratize the narrative. And that’s a wonderful thought to begin the day with!

Theme 2: Creating A Brand Story For Your Startup

It’s exceptional that with the help of digital so many new Startups are thriving and coming up. But with so many of them present, it is important to distinguish and stand out. Branding is key. And if you are a small business or a Startup, it’s important to create a brand and communicate the value you bring to your markets.

Some tips on how to create a brand story for your Startup is something I shared with SheOwnsIt readers last month. These include:

a) talk about a single problem
b) have a working solution
c) choose your storytelling platform

I felt the central idea was to have one thing that you’re good at and communicating with a simple and single line of thought without doing too much that can compromise clarity!

If you feel low on creativity at times, and want to push the envelope further, there are some tips too! I shared creative ways  to generate new ideas for original content at SEMRush. These included:

a) get away from the Internet – counterintuitive but true. I shared the example from the best podcast I heard this year, Starlee Kine’s mystery show!
b) create in shared spaces- work with your teams, and the idea that I had shared before from Tuiza art!
c) invert the narrative. I shared the example from Cuckold a book that made a rather unknown entity the protagonist in an oft told story. The results were amazing!

Do share your favorite ideas with me! 🙂

September Roundup 2- Brandanew is 1, What's Your Brand Story

Theme 3: Your need social media and some nifty tools!

Often businesses stop short from using social media fully because they feel their businesses do not stand to gain as much from it like B2C brands. The truth could not be further off. The key reasons why  all Startups and Small businesses need to use social media are (as shared for readers of e27):

a) social media creates real world connections
b) social media allows for amplification and discoverability
c) social media is not limited to Facebook, which means your business could be on LinkedIn and strongly benefit. It’s up to you to choose!

However everything using digital can get overwhelming and you find yourself in a soup about how to cover everything all at once. This is the reason tools have been invented and I shared some of my favorite tools including Pablo, ShareTally etc. The article was initially written for Digital insights but also picked up by Business2Community which has since last time allowed me to update my profile (woohoo! 😉)

How did the past month go for you? What were the new things you learned and worked on? Do share your insights with me! 🙂

Till next month then, stay upbeat!  🙂

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Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.