Questions to Brand Leaders Creating Things That Matter

This is a great collection of questions for brand leaders who carry the weight or the privilege of making things that matter.

Questions that Matter to Brand Leaders

  1. Does what I do count?
  2. Does what I do make a difference to anybody?
  3. Why should I come here?
  4. Can I be somebody here?
  5. Is there for me any rhyme or reason here?
  6. Can I “own” this place?
  7. Do I have any rights?
  8. Does coming here add any richness to my life?
  9. IS this a place where I can learn something?
  10. Would I show this place to my family – or am I embarrassed to show it to them – or does it just not matter?
  11. Is there anybody here I can trust?
  12. Is this place open to my influence?

H/T: SwissMiss

What else would you add?

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