Porsche Creates Magic Not Just For Cars But For Brand Storytelling

It doesn’t matter if you’re a LeMans fan, or moved by the brilliance of Porsche’s 1-2 in Hulkenberg (loaned from @ForceIndiaF1 only for a weekend) or Webber (displaying true @AussieGrit). The 17-time champion and brand Porsche has reinvented itself on multiple occasions and LeMans was no coincidence. It was years of motorsport excellence. Porsche creates magic not just for cars but for brand storytelling. It makes converts out of non-believers. It makes loyalists reinforce the view that, indeed, there is no substitute.

Porsche’s Brand Storytelling Magic During LeMans

Porsche motorsport took a break in the 24-hour LeMans endurance racing event and only re-entered the plan last year. Even with a large 17 year gap, Porsche is the top winner at LeMans. Audi, another German manufacturer and trailing Porsche in the overall race wins (13 to 17), came up with a brilliant ad-campaign in view of Porsche’s re-entry last year.

Audi had consecutive wins from 2010-2014 and this year Porsche upstaged them by winning 1 and 2 both, and printed success T-shirts retailing at the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen saying, “Challenge Accepted”. How’s that for some brand spunk!

Porsche Motorsport App during LeMans

You can download it at the app store and realize how wonderfully integrated and simply well-designed the Porsche motorsport app is. From the history, to race highlights, to photos and videos, it is well integrated with the latest social snippets and news. The social handles were chatting constantly through the race. You don’t need any other channel. The app is everything you need to be in touch with what’s happening in these Porsche motorsport events. Here’s a snip from the app:

Porsche Creates Magic Not Just For Cars But For Brand Storytelling

Porsche Museum Opens Doors To Fans For a Live LeMans Experience

Yesterday, you could go to the Porsche museum and watch the end of the 24-hour racing event, for free. Porsche had volunteers to help them through the planning and had created biergartens, and other facilities for visitors and brand supporters. Live screening was of course in full force with Porsche flags and brand elements doing rounds. There were no products that people came in for, but long queues were not uncommon. Here’s a live memoir of what Dushyant, a Porsche brand supporter experienced as a spectator:

The walk from the parking lot towards the Museum reeked of automotive history. Across Porscheplatz lay a number of mules, easily identifiable by their non-production license plates. A white Cayman GTS, followed by a Carrera S and countless other 911 variants were all out for their piece of the sun and their moment to shine. History was about to go down and everyone in Zuffenhausen could sense it. Outside the museum revved old historic Porsche’s attracting throngs of the crowds. Towards the entrance lay the test 919 mules which could be touched and revered freely. But on this day, the gold lay inside. The future of the sports car was being defined. And the 919 cars in LeMans made their way around the circuit to cement a return to the sport that Porsche dominated.

I was playing mere witness. A short wait at the entrance and then we were let in. I stormed through the crowd and made my way up to the floors where older LeMans prototypes stood proudly. A large screen attracted many like me and we all counted down the last of the twenty four hours. Around me were kids who were adulating their dads salivating at the screen. Old grandpas were nostalgic about how normal this was back in the day. Even those who looked visibly wanting to be somewhere else sat down grudgingly, perhaps understanding that just after one year into their return Porsche was about to teach those Audi kids a thing or two about endurance racing.

The inevitable happened. The white car #19 with a lead of a lap rolled to victory followed by the red #17. The crowd roared. The museum offered free beer. The children had their favorite moments of their lives cemented in their play-do brains. I welled up slightly, feeling extremely vulnerable as this car company just won me over.

Porsche is one of those brands that create wonderful legacy and products that tell the brand story through their excellence. They’re also totally in sync with the times, digitally alive and immersive in their experiences. What a beautiful online-offline event integration and a fascinating display of brand presence.

note: even if you missed the live event, the Porsche museum is an outstanding display of storytelling in the automatic history and brand memorabilia. I’m personally not a car lover, but show me a Porsche, and I will recognize it from a distance, without spectacles, even. The fact that their design is so unique and stays so consistently across generations is no coincidence either.

Dear Porsche, I’d have bought the “Challenge Accepted” T-shirt at a heartbeat, and I am not even an auto motive fan. What an incredible brand this is, teaches a thing or two to everyone about how immersive authentic brand storytelling can be!

At Brandanew, we’re converted. Are you?


Upasna Kakroo

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