New Social Media Trends For Brand Success in 2016: What To Expect On Facebook!

Recently Facebook has made a few great announcements which may change the way you use it! We had recently shared the digital media trends for your brands in 2016, and some of the changes recommended by Facebook, seem to be playing into those totally! Don’t believe me? Get updated with what new to expect on Facebook in 2016! These are the new social media trends for brand success in 2016. Get onboard 🙂

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a. Video will lead in 2016- Facebook profile pictures can be Gif videos

A week or so ago, Facebook started testing out video images for profiles. This means, your profile image will now be a moving image as shared by Facebook on its blog recently. These are reminiscent of MySpace and other social media networks which have allowed Gifs/ videos in the past.


a) Open your iOS Facebook app and get to your profile. You will notice that it will now have your profile “centered”
b) You can click on changing your profile picture and it will also give you an option to upload a 7 second video
c) Record a 7 second video and select a thumbnail that shows when the video is not playing
d) It’s already up on very old US iOS accounts (as I noticed my husband has it- he was on Facebook since 2004) and is being rolled out as we speak (my German phone is lagging behind and doesn’t have it yet). Don’t worry if you don’t see these options yet, they are only on iOS and being rolled out!
e) Profile pictures can be temporarily set for a day/ time frame

How this impacts your brand: Video. Video. Video. There are no shortcuts. It opens up a tremendous opportunity to do event focused campaigns (through temporary changes). I can think of themed aspects such as ‘Christmas look’ or a ‘Halloween look/ event’. For your personal brand it will be a game changer to constantly keep people engaged and hooked as you connect your profile with all the events that are important to your audiences and create your brand to reflect this! Businesses can take this to a whole new level, if launched! Also a great great way to personally be able to endorse businesses, world events and show what you really believe in!

b) Great personalization will be key in 2016- Facebook allows you to choose what you show!

You can set a one-line bio, choose the top 5 images that your friends should see once they visit your profile. You can also write a very prominent “about” section. There’s a lot more emphasis in personalizing how your profile looks and shows up if someone’s visiting it. You could do a lot here to have your personal brand well and truly stand out!

How this impacts your brand:You are in control of what information you want to showcase. For your personal brand this is a great opportunity to ensure that first time visitors are seeing exactly what you’d want to present. I’m surely thinking about the top 5 images and the bio section a lot more. Remember, each visitor could be a new lead for a personal brand. I do not have inputs yet on whether this will also be rolled out to business pages, but if it is, it’s a great opportunity to put your best foot forward! < keep a look out, I’m constantly testing and will bring in new info on this soon! :-)>

c) Engagement will be varied in 2016- Facebook will move beyond the like button

This is a biggie. I still see brands counting on how many likes their posts have. Users will now be able to use a variety of engagement responses for posts. This was recently launched by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and will create an interesting new gameplay. Users can now use a variety of reactions. These include a range of emotional responses from angry to love.

Facebook’s like button was introduced in 2009 and after years of requests on a dislike button from consumers, this is a response that was launched a few days ago. The initial test markets are Ireland and Spain, so if you don’t live there, you may not have seen it yet. Hold on, it’s on its way! 🙂

How this impacts your brand: You may now be able to get a very nuanced and semantic view on the emotional response to your content. This will no longer be limited to a like but tell you exactly what the audience feels. It will be able to get a brand sentiment ratio (positive to negative or even neutral) making you really gauge the response better or see the change over a period of time!

New Social media Trends For Brand Success in 2016: What New To Expect On Facebook! Brandanew blog

d) 2016 is mobile- Facebook’s new updates all come via the mobile app!

This is a no-brainer. Almost all of the new Facebook updates have come via the mobile. The larger images, updates are all mobile optimized. ALL businesses, personal brands, sites, content or anything online needs to be mobile optimized from the word go. This is an ongoing trend and you can not afford to lose any customers because you’re stuck on grandma’s desktop! If Google didn’t push you enough on that, Facebook most definitely will! 🙂

What do you think about all these new Facebook changes? Do share your personal favorite ideas with me!


Upasna Kakroo

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