Monthly Roundup: How Do You Scale Content For Your Brand?

It’s good to start with good news. Fall has begun and we’re in a rush to get all the latest content on to our readers. And talking of readers, I’m very proud to announce that this blog (now only just 2 years old) has been ranked #20 on the list of the top branding blogs every marketer should read! Now that’s amazing. So, if you’re wondering how to achieve this feat for your brand, and basically how to scale content and social, tips here will help! Some of these stories have been published with external partners that I wanted to summarize and share here for the Brandanew readers.

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Monthly Roundup: How Do You Scale Content For Your Brand?


A. 3 Remarkable Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing Initiatives

This was recently published as a guest post on Jeff Bullas’s blog. You can read the original post here. Basically, there are 3 top ways to ensure scaling content does not become a nightmare for your brand. It’s what I call the 3T model:

  1. Tools that help you automate, and analyze what’s going on and reduce your resource needs
  2. Teams that collaborate and work together to come up with new ideas
  3. Tolerance in your brand culture that allows you to fail and thus try!

Once you have these 3Ts sorted, most content initiatives will seem possible. It’s important to note that the choices you make will depend on the goals you have as a brand. Me-toos and random selections will be less useful. The idea is to follow your customer (and first know the customer!)

B. How to Engage Your Massive Social Following

This post was originally published at SEMRush here. If you’ve gone through the first milestone of creating a community, the next step is to maintain and keep the community loyal towards your brand. This is neither easy nor coincidental. You need the right set of initiatives and tools as a brand to manage this feat. Here are some top tips:

  1. Choose your platforms by knowing where your customers are
  2. Use tools and analytics to keep tabs on what your community likes and engages with
  3. Listen more intently and use tools that allow you to stay in touch!

C. How to Use Data Analytics For a Remarkable Social Media ROI

This post was originally published on the Marketing Insider Blog here. Once you have an engaged community and are doing your best to keep them connected, the next step is to drive your brand revenue goals. This can be enabled by the following methods:

  1. Make data based decisions in selecting and choosing content or any campaigns
  2. Track platforms that are generating leads and revenue for you
  3. Know your engagers and the influencers in your field that you can work with

D. 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Generating Leads to Your Brand On Social Media

This post was originally published on the Rank Watch blog here.  Are you nodding your head at all the points I’ve talking about, and yet thinking, how is it that social doesn’t work for my brand? Well, maybe you’re doing one of these three things:

  1. You do not have any social media goals for your brand
  2. You don’t know why you’re on a social media platform
  3. You’re not monitoring how your leads behave

So, how do you evaluate your brand content? What’s working and what’s a big challenge? Feel free to share this with us here or on social!



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