Monthly Roundup October 2015: How To Do Content Marketing Right

It’s time for another monthly round up and I am excited to share thoughts that I’ve been discussing with global audiences. As you can see on my personal blog, 2015 has been a very heavy year of writing– which I truly feel grateful for and have enjoyed working on. This month I have some tips on how to do Content Marketing right. In addition you can join me for a free event on how to use digital marketing to sell your books, and also grab a free download of a content marketing 101 eBook we just created! Lots of good stuff this month, keep reading!

1. eBook Reasons To Do Content Marketing

We’ve recently put together a fantastic Content Marketing 101 starter eBook for our readers. You get to download all the key statistics as well as the initial how-tos of Content Marketing. You can use this if you are a small business, a marketing superstar, a big brand, a Startup or an individual using content for personal branding. It covers all the ideas of why we need content, and how you can think about implementing it beginning from DIY to fully outsourced efforts.

Monthly Roundup October 2015 How To Do Content Marketing Right Brandanew


2. Scaling up Content Marketing: A 6 Step Content Marketing Process for Small Businesses

Scale could be the opium of our generation. Everyone I meet, speak with or get inspired from talks about scaling and growth hacking. In layman terms, we all love our ideas and we’d do anything to scale them up to something sustainable and reach out readers or customer base. Content marketing is often seen as a very resource intensive marketing activity. Therefore, the questions of scaling it up are very significant. One of the ways I recommend doing it is using a simple Content Marketing process framework in all your content endeavors. I shared it earlier last month with the readers of SEMRush and it was also picked up by the editors at SearchEngineJournal here for their monthly round up (thank you!).

The key ideas are:

a. 4Ws: Who is the buyer, What value are you adding, Whose opinion are you sharing, What is the goal of your content

b. 2Hs: How will the content reach the user, How will you ensure consistency and quality?

Once you have them sorted, you’re all set!

3. What Do You Need When Building A Startup Brand?

Content marketing serves multiple purposes. It allows you to gather leads, build a sales funnel, and also create thought leadership and establish a brand. Building brands is often more than just content though. It requires you to have a certain sense of skills and attitudes. I shared my thoughts with the readers of SheOwnsIt last month here. Some key points:

a. Be boring (yes, because only boring people get bored!)

b. Fulfill expectations consistently each day (e.g. don’t blog once in 2 months!!)

c. Make every interaction count (especially on social media!)

4. How Can You Use Social Media To Boost Sales?

I was delighted to be featured by Keyhole as one of the 7 experts who shed light on using social media for sales. It was a great list of experts to be featured with, and my tip was to constantly follow up, and measure where your sales are coming from. Many Startups don’t seem to pay attention to their per channel split and tend to spread themselves thin on each social media platform. The reality is you can and should select channels that work the best for your business and consumer group.

5. How Can You Use Storytelling In Social Media Marketing?

This is where content marketing meets social media. Storytelling is not an art form limited to only long form content. It is in fact very applicable to short form social content. I shared this with the readers of Social media examiner here. The key ideas are:

a. Pay attention to a structure (learn more here)

b. Sequence your ads in frames to create stories

c. Align your story with what your audience values and their basic needs

d. Tell local stories or stories in your niche

e. Feature your unique selling proposition (learn how we do it at Brandanew)

Storytelling is a great marriage of quality content using social media in context. You can choose the formats as per your platforms but the core lies in great quality content that your audience likes.

6. Event: How to use Digital Marketing To Sell You Books!

Monthly Roundup October 2015 How To Do Content Marketing Right Brandanew

I will be presenting and sharing thoughts on how to use content and digital marketing to sell books for a group of writers and those interested in Ann Arbor on November 12th, 2015. The event details are listed below. So if you are in or around Ann Arbor, do show up! Naturally, I will share the presentation on Brandanew after the event.

Why you should attend?

To learn about the best practices of digital marketing, personal branding and business storytelling to build sales. You’ll get FREE printables and marketing tips if you’re present at the event.

Who can attend?

While the event is targeted at authors, anyone including Startup owners, small businesses, bloggers and those interested in building personal brands are welcome.

When is the event taking place?

November 12, 6 p.m. We meet at the Bar at 327 Braun Court, Ann Arbor.

How much does it cost?

The event itself is free. But there’s a small $3 fee for the venue.

How can I register?

You don’t need any special registration. You can come by and send me an email confirmation at connect @ brandanew dot co. You can alternately, add yourself to the MeetUp group below.

Learn to use Digital Marketing to sell your book PLUS 3 Great Breakout Sessions

That’s been a big month as I can see and there’s a ton to look forward to. I hope your month has been great too! Let me know what your big wins and challenges were in the comments or on Twitter!

And till next month then, stay creative! 🙂

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Upasna Kakroo

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