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This a monthly post of Brandanew around the web, because as you’re aware, we create original content, so naturally, we have content and social media insights that we share with interested readers all across. This is just a small snippet of those posts curated here for you to get all the tips at one place. For any startup, small business or individuals or large firms interested in Content Marketing, these posts will basically be a resource hub for Content Marketing FAQs. You can get the information all at once. Of course please feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter or join us on social media anytime to be connected!

Content Marketing FAQs across the web

Content Marketing FAQs Around The Web Answered

On Why Content Marketing Is Important

Many Startup and small business CEOs tend to think about creating new products, the perfect consumer experience and marketing is often an after thought. Social media and Content Marketing is an after thought even for startups with established marketing channels. The key reason being that usually Social Media and Content-Marketing are long term efforts- these channels do not come with quick results. In this scenario, why is Content Marketing or Social Media an urgent need? Why is Content Marketing important? Some pointers are:

1. Social and Content Marketing will drive trust
2. Social and Content Marketing will create unique assets
3. Social and Content Marketing will help differentiate.

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On Why Content Marketing Is a Team Sport

In a small sized enterprise, or a lean startup or even the marketing division of a large company, the need for an always-on content connectivity is relentless. We are already aware that real-time marketing is a big digital trend and consumers expect brands to react within minutes of contact. However, with 24 hours in a day, most times it is an overwhelming burden. It is important that content creation, sharing and amplification involves more than just the one to two person social media team. Here’s how to expand your Content Marketing team:

1. Hire the right culture (creative, interested folks)
2. Lead from the top
3. Award and recognize efforts
4. Make sharing and creation simple
5. Be open to new ideas!
6. Train your employees

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On Why Content Marketing Is the New Branding

Are you living under the fear of a social media disaster that may just hit your brand? Well, you’re not alone and there are plenty of brand owners who are scared of losing brand voice and tonality over so many digital and social networks. Whether the fear is that my premium brand no longer remains premium enough with an emoji or the fact that branding and marketing are no longer lean back, there’s a lot to absorb and learn. Here’s how to lose your social media fears:

1. Define your social media fears
2. Ask for help (experts/ agencies) and create your brand strategy
3. Use the right tools
4. Leverage experience from other employees
5. Learn from your failures!

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On Why Content Marketing Fails

There are several reasons for why Content Marketing does not work for a Startup or a Small Business or even large firms. Some key examples of failure are:

1. Lack of original / engaging content (including no visual content)
2. Lack of optimized community building or content according to different networks
3. Inability to deal with a PR disaster online
4. Lack of time investment for Content Marketing and/or Social media

Here are some inputs into how to deal with such Content Marketing failures and situations

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4. Adapting Time Management Tips For Social Media Growth 
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And before I end this round up, our story and our Content Marketing philosophy:

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Hopefully, you’ve all had a great month, we’ve been head down creating 🙂


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