3 Brands Using Inspiring Mobile Storytelling Techniques

The tenets of storytelling remain the same, and yet it feels different with the media today. Brands are available not just on one, but multiple screens- from a large 60 inch TV set to a small mobile phone. The key to success is staying creative and consistent with all the experiences customers may have with the brand. Digital convergence across media types and devices is necessary for a cohesive brand view. Inspiring storytelling is visual, consistent and connected. Today, to inspire a little bit of creativity in you, we have examples of brands using mobile storytelling techniques remarkably well. What will you try next?

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3 Brands That Using Inspiring Mobile Storytelling Techniques

3 Brands That Using Inspiring Mobile Storytelling Techniques

1. IKEA’s Catalogue Mobile App: Think about brand utility and AR experience

Home furnishings giant, IKEA released its FREE mobile app in 2014. If anyone has suffered through the feelings of “will this fit” and “if this will look nice” before buying furniture, IKEA has a solution. The app’s augmented reality feature allows you to actually see how the piece of furniture looks. The virtual dimensions are based on the actual dimensions mentioned on the catalogue. No longer do you have to face disappointment or drive four times into IKEA for the same piece.

This app makes your life easier and decision making simpler. You don’t have to deal with a choice paralysis. You can get the best product for your space. This saves you a buyer’s remorse and multiple trips . It saves IKEA from hiring multiple experts to help you. This also ensures that you’re absolutely able to imagine IKEA in your life and do not leave the store empty. There’s a ton of potential to increase footfalls into the store by simply being a part of the customer’s home and story.  This would have been impossible to imagine with a physical catalogue.

Naturally, users are spending more time with the app. The average time spent on the app is 8 minutes versus 3 minutes on the physical catalogue. It has been downloaded 6.2 million times. Amazing isn’t it?

Think about how you can actually be a part of your customer’s journey!

2. Audi’s Start-Stop App:  Think about brand associations and a consumer concern

When people hear Nike- they think of a sporty lifestyle. When they hear Apple- they think of innovation. Creating brand associations and high recall is not easy. Audi wanted its consumers to constantly be reminded of its high efficiency and great engineering. They wanted to consumers to believe in the moral of their story.

Audi’s start-stop app is a great example of a story, that shares this moral of being efficient, without talking about the car. The app actually notifies the user when some apps are open and unused – draining battery life. So the user starts associating Audi with efficiency. There’s no mention of a car, but a small reminder of the “start-stop” technology that Audi cars come with (where the engine stops automatically when you’re stationary to save fuel.) Isn’t this a brilliant idea?

Think about how you can be a part of your customer’s story without slamming them with a sales pitch.

3. HBO’s True Blood Mobile Ad:  Think about brand immersion and interactivity

In promoting its new True Blood series, HBO experimented with interactive storytelling. Suddenly, as a consumer interacting with the app, you noticed blood on the screen or bloody fingerprints. This added an element of mystique, fun and thrill to the experience. And, as a surprise, users were led into watching a trailer for the series through an exciting CTA.

3 Brands That Using Inspiring Mobile Storytelling Techniques

Adding this element of interactivity, helped HBO increase viewership by 38% and over 5 million people watched the season premier.

Think about how you can make the consumer experience something different and interact with your brand story.

What are some of your favorite mobile storytelling examples? Which mobile storytelling techniques are you particularly impressed with? Do share them with me in comments or on Twitter.


Upasna Kakroo

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