6 Useful Tips To Maximize Your eCommerce Sales During Christmas

Christmas is literally around the corner. If you’ve stepped towards the malls or shopping centers you probably already realize that it is busiest time of the year. Online businesses and brands are no exception. ECommerce sales during Christmas tend to see a big surge as customers prefer the quietness of at home shopping compared to the hassles of finding parking and a store full of people. This period offers a great opportunity for online stores, with more people shopping online than ever before.  To make sure you aren’t losing out on valuable sales, advanced planning and a good strategy is vital. Here are a few useful tips to maximize your eCommerce sales during Christmas and the ongoing holiday season. You’ve got this!

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6 Useful Tips To Maximize Your eCommerce Sales During Christmas

6 Useful Tips To Maximize Your eCommerce Sales During Christmas

1. Create your promotional calendar ahead of time:

First of all, you need to optimize your store for the Christmas. Most of the holiday shoppers begin shopping before Christmas and customers are already deciding on their favorite brands or shops before they shop. You need plan everything ahead. Think about who you can target and with which products. Some products have a strong seasonal surge around the holiday season, and you need to be aware of your sales cycles.

You can increase your online sales at Christmas by planning:

  • Offers, promotions & sales
  • Release timely blog posts, website content as well as banners & landing pages
  • Send email newsletters to your customers or customize emails e.g. for last minute Christmas delivery
  • Optimize your website design and social media presence
  • Provide free shipping services
  • Update your returns and exchange policies
  • Push up your social media advertising & PPC campaigns

2. Get festive with your website design:

Getting your site ready for the festive period with a seasonal design twist can help get shoppers in the right mood to spend. To be successful over the festival season like Christmas you need to change your site background theme with Christmas related colors and designs. You can match the season with red, gold, white, to be perceived as festive. Design and decorate your homepage banners and your festive offers with festive motifs. This has to match your overall brand philosophy and design, but you can definitely pull out an extra amount of sparkle. Do not however make yourself look like you’re bringing back the 90s.  Think about loading speed and mobile experiences while you re-design.

3. Offer live chat service:

Holiday shoppers have lots of choices and eCommerce retailers can standout particularly in the areas of customer service and responsiveness. Offering live chats gives online stores an opportunity to connect with interested site visitors as they are making the purchase decisions. Live chats can significantly increase customer engagement and conversions over the holiday season. There are several live chat apps like Zopim and Olark available on the app store that you can plug into your store. A better customer experience will increase your sales and customer loyalty.

4. Make your website mobile friendly:

Do not over invest in ad spending on social media when you can’t provide the optimal mobile site experience. Getting all the traffic onto your site is a wasted effort, if your consumers click via their mobiles and find your mobile presence disconcerting. Ensure that your website works efficiently across all devices and platforms. Responsive design is no longer a trend, it’s a need.

5. Manage email marketing effectively:

Email is the best holiday marketing channel, so ensure that you are adding your regular holiday marketing campaigns for your newsletter readers. A straightforward, informative and regular email with visual appealing content is better than a complicated or long newsletter. Send well-timed emails for each promotion.

  • Categorize your data and segment your list for laser focused targeting
  • Create special campaigns for each segment
  • Discover ways to link your email strategy with ongoing marketing campaigns.
  • Used email sequencing to gradually create anticipation for your upcoming deals and offers.
  • Ensure your offers will seamlessly integrate with the on-site experience, so consumers don’t have to go searching for coupon codes.

6. Promote Products on Social Media:

As an eCommerce brand owner, you already know that social media represents an enormous opportunity. Social media plays a vital role in holiday shopping as well. According to HubSpot, 64.8% of consumers turn to social media to find the right gift. Over 90% check their friend’s word of mouth or social recommendations before purchasing gifts.

More compelling stats for your holiday marketing strategy



So ensure that you are getting full advantage of social media by following:

  • Create profiles on 5 social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Add LinkedIn when you’re specifically targeting business buyers.
  • All profiles should link back to a holiday-themed landing page with promotions, contests and deals on your site.
  • Profiles should have holiday-themed cover images and profile pictures.
  • Schedule your eCommerce products or Christmas related posts and campaigns using social media tools .
  • Get your offers “pinned” to the top of the feed on Facebook and Twitter

The holiday season is tough and a lot of work for eCommerce storeowners, but it is also wildly profitable. Christmas and the New Year season is one of the best times of the year to give your online shop a real boost in sales. If you optimize your shop properly and add a little decoration, your conversion rates can increase massively. Of course, there is a lot of competition but if you take the time to prepare your web store for the festivities, you can stay well ahead of other online stores.

Do share your insight and experiences on how you’ve been preparing your Christmas and holiday season activities with us in comments!

6 Useful Tips To Maximize Your eCommerce Sales During ChristmasAbout Author: Jimit Bagadiya is the co-founder of SocialPilot.co which provides advanced and intelligent scheduling tools for Online Sellers.

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