Mary Meeker’s Internet And Digital Trends for 2017

The much awaited Mary Meeker digital trends report is out. Lo and behold, Internet growth is stagnating if you take out India. India still is at only 27% Internet penetration so there’s a lot of growth opportunity. It makes me wonder how connected we will be when the next billion is online.

Mary Meeker's Internet And Digital Trends for 2017


Here are some of my favorite key takeaways:

Mary Meeker’s Key Internet and Digital Trends for 2017

  • A lot of future search will be about visuals/ images and not keywords
  • Emerging retailers/ businesses are using collaborative or UGC ad creation which outperform regular ads
  • Tap + augment reality + voice can replace actual typing especially when users upload content or search
  • 60% customers want better support via online channels. Social media is driving up the need for transparency and online customer support
  • 82% customers stopped working with a company after bad social media experience – the channel is driving accountability
  • Real time customer conversations are consistently rising


Here’s the full report with a detailed look into India and China trends too.


Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report


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