July Roundup: Why Do You Need Marketing And Branding Experts

July flew! The fact that we were collecting Van Gogh stories for a week sort of led to a quick end to July. However, it’s always been a month full of news and interesting questions from clients, readers and the Brandanew team! Just like the months before, here are some of the themes we worked on in July and a short summary of external publications from Brandanew. It’s important to get some feedback on social media FAQs from marketing and branding experts, so that you invest wisely and do well!

Who is a marketing and branding expert?

Here’s how McKinsey (or for that matter any big firm) defines an expert:

Individuals with 10+ years (expert) or 15+ years (senior expert) of work experience in a specific area with distinctive functional or sector expertise and knowledge in a related service line. An undergraduate degree is required and an advanced degree is preferred.

Unfortunately, 2 years in the industry does not make you an expert, and nor does a Twitter bio. It is important thus, to know who you are consulting for a project and what their overall experience is. There is no short-cut for 10,000 hours of practice. More experience means lower risk and higher quality for your marketing and branding needs.

July Roundup: Why Do You Need Marketing And Branding Experts

Theme 1: Why Do You Need Marketing and Branding Experts?

I just started a Brandanew feature with SheOwnsIt readers. In my first posts, I talked about the need of working with marketing and branding experts. Some key pointers are:

a) Branding experts will create stories helping you differentiate from competitors
b) Branding experts will ensure that a re-branding at a later stage is avoided
c) Branding experts will make your brand consumer centric, sharing your story, giving consumers a reason to choose

Keep an eye out for more featured posts from this publication that I am having an awesome time writing for!

Theme 2: Social Media Marketing Tips For Startups And you!

i) 5 Tips For Startups new to social media engagement

You can only measure social or content engagement once you know what it means for your brand or Startup. Some tips for social engagement that I shared with e27 readers included:

a) Engaging and not necessarily selling
b) Being open to curating content- even from competition
c) Constant testing
d) Maintaining coherence on all channels
e) Being authentic and human!

What are your pro tips for social media engagement? Please do share!

ii) 4 tips before you allow your children to use social media

For children or young adults, social media may seem lucrative but there are always some inherent risks in a media that can go viral. While, I wrote the post on MyTown Tutors keeping in mind parents of young children, the way I see many of us behave on social media, I think there are tips for all ;-). Learn about social media etiquette, permissions, policies and tools while you’re at it!

Theme 3: Life In A Startup

i) How to maintain work-life balance as a Startup founder

This has been a question bothering me from the day I started. Maintaining balance in any new job/industry/division/ country is hard. It is harder when you are a lean Startup trying to get everything in place faster and in a more efficient manner. While life as a Startup founder is exciting it is also, fully exhausting. And you need to take your breaks to feel sane. From forest bathing to meditating to making postcards and sketching, I have it all covered! Feel free to share your tips with me! 🙂

ii) How to win your fight with Email overload

Everyone’s stopping dead with the sheer amount of emails we get, forget and live under. Coming back from a vacation, over a weekend, and during work hours, we spend an incessant amount of time scanning our inboxes and notifications. Can this end? I’ve learned the most amazing 5-D framework at Unified Inbox.

1 Deal with it
2 Delegate it
3 Delete it
4 Defer it
5 Distribute it

Let me know if you ever tried it! 🙂

We are always happy to share our thoughts in the form of an interview, tips, or guest posts with your readers. So, please contact us for any requests for marketing and branding expertise. Also, in case you are a guest posting star yourself, don’t forget to apply for Brandanew here



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