Investing in Your Growth Is Your Imperative

While scanning through Instagram early morning, I came across Gary Vaynerchuk’s quote – “Market like the year you’re in.” And this spoke to me. 2016 has solidified itself to be a year of Content with 77% marketers spending more on it. You need to create your online brands – whether personal or professional distinguished like never before. It’s easy to say that investing in your growth is your own imperative. And that you have to be creative. But today, I have just the story to explain why it’s so critical…

Investing in Your Growth Is Your Imperative

Maureen* is an author of children’s books. She’s been busy writing and weaving amazing stories for the last two decades. Now she’s seeing her friends and a lot of younger folk win writing gigs with Huffington Post, and many other online venues that didn’t exist before. She seen the marketing world has changed upside down. Many years ago, all she had to do was to go through a literary magazine and get to her local library to find out more about the journal. This was enough to get her going for submitting an article, which when accepted would get her more client work and publications. Now Maureen is worried about terms she barely understands- SEO, Google page ranks and social media following. She’s paying hundreds of dollars to experts who can help her and more importantly, she’s losing thousands of dollars every month in revenue that could be hers.

While Maureen now has a website, she’s learned that everyone else has a website too. Her website doesn’t necessarily distinguish her from anyone else. She’s being found but not necessarily how she’d like to be found. Maureen doesn’t want to pay external vendors because they are so expensive.

I am asking Maureen to join me for our first Content Marketing for beginners eCourse. You’ll be investing in your growth Maureen, I’m telling her. The buck does not stop at being found, the game only just begins there.

What you will get in our Content Marketing eCourse?

During the eCourse, you will get the following:

1. A core video for 1.5 hours as the eCourse teaching material. You can attend this LIVE with us or watch it at your convenience later
2. Course Printables- a) Your creativity manifesto ; b) Your course workbook; c) DIY tools list for your Content Marketing initiatives
3. FREE eBooks – a) Top Content Marketing statistics for 2016 ; b) Top Storytelling Statistics for 2016 ; c) Content Marketing 101 eBook
4. PDF of the entire course content
5. A special Q&A email address to ask any questions

#2: VENUE – Where will the class be held?
The course will be held online at the comfort of your desk. The videos will be available to you in case you miss the LIVE class and you will have lifetime access to all course material as well as the videos

#3: DATE/TIME– When can I attend? We’ll be meeting LIVE at 11am EST (Eastern time) on March 31, 2016. Since the material and videos will be available anytime, you can practically do the course in your own self-paced style, when you have time, if you’re in a timezone that’s far far away.

#4: TOPICS– What exactly will the course cover? The course is intended for those who’re just beginning their content marketing journey. We’ll be covering:
* What is Content Marketing/ SEO/ Social media marketing?
* How can I create a Content Marketing process that works?
* How can I create a personal/professional brand using Content Marketing?
* What tools can I use for Content Marketing?

#5: COST– How much will the course cost me? Most marketing courses are priced anywhere between $99 to $499. I went around asking my colleagues how much this course should be valued at. Most of them came back to tell me that I need to price it at a minimum of $299. But, this course is intended for beginners, and for you, we obviously don’t want to make it unreachable. So, we’re charging a mere $30 for the ENTIRE eCourse! This will include all the material AND lifetime access. You will also get a special email address where you can ask your specific questions for FREE even after the course.

Can’t wait to see you soon! Remember, you’re investing in your growth!


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*Do something about things like Maureen. Maureen is a real person with her name changed for privacy reasons.


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.