Impressive Brand Identity Campaigns in The Last Decade

Successful advertising campaigns can directly impact a brand’s perception. Although most marketers have similar data at their disposal, not all brand identity campaigns are successful. What makes one campaign better than others? Experts say it’s not just images but campaigns that reach people’s emotions. Let’s look at some examples of memorable campaigns that have created magic for brands.

Impressive Brand Identity Campaigns in The Last Decade

Changing the conversation

An effective campaign that made a lot of noise for looking at an old issue in a refreshing has been Dove. They focused on raising self-confidence among women by attacking contemporary standards of beauty. The media quickly picked up the story and many discussions were organized with an aim to define what real beauty meant.

Dove brand identity campaign

The campaign went viral. People started questioning beauty standards and re-looking at themselves differently. Even today, when you see a poster or a billboard with a woman who doesn’t really look like a model, your first association is probably Dove.

Pushing the limits

Campaigns are definitely not what they used to be. If you think about Felix Baumgartner’s jump from a balloon in the stratosphere, you don’t necessarily think of an advertising campaign. And you’re wrong.

Though Red Bull denied the jump was an advertising campaign, and claimed it was all about science but the associations were built. The jump created such hype that millions of people were glued to screens during Felix’ fortunately safe jump.

red bull stratos nike fuelband brand identity campaign

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Being producers of an energy drink, they wanted to go a step further to show how far we’re willing to push our own limits. Next time millions of people needed encouragement for achieving a difficult task, they could reach for a can of Red Bull.

Making it social

With the global trend of connecting people and fostering sharing among the likeminded, Nike decided to make a seemingly not-so-social activity as social as possible. All this while promoting a new product. Fuelband, a fitness tracker worked in combination with Nike gear and was introduced to help keen joggers and runners virtually train with superstars. They could share times, goals and record their progress.

nike fuelband brand identity campaign

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The targets were both die-hard fans of running and beginners. It was attractive for customers who were now using the same equipment as professionals. Needless to say, the campaign was a huge success.

Turning people into brands

Simple and optimistic slogans are in the very centre of any political campaign. Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was marked by the “Yes We Can” slogan. Posters, ads and other branded merchandize found their way to the hearts and minds of the voters.

It was its simplicity and efficiency that created a brand of a positive-thinking, optimistic leader. Even as he just finished an 8 year term, President Obama’s approval ratings were toping the charts and his brand presence and charisma still stands tall.

Many more memorable campaigns could have made the cut but these spoke to many of us personally. They not only crafted strong brand identities but also generated a large community for the brands. Which brands do you think of ones that generate various positive emotions for you? 

emma brand identity campaignAbout Guest Author: Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog.

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