How To Use Storytelling For Your Brand

We’ve been urging you to use storytelling for your brands. As an authentic brand and a Startup ourselves, our aim has been to create a storyboard for ourselves too, to be discovered by our clients. This is our story, and what we have learned so far. The good thing is, you can use these insights and implement them for your own brands, and build a positive and emotional connect with your consumers.

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How To Use Storytelling For Your Brand

1. Storytelling for your brand: Define your goals

Do not underestimate the power of drawing out the drawing board of what your brand goals are. Write them down and draw out a mind map of how you’d like to be seen as a brand.

For Brandanew, our goals have been: Create a positive brand experience for clients, be discovered specially as a visual brand. This, unlike the tons of Content Marketing agencies that look like they’re from the 90s. To create an authentic and engaged online presence, so that people appreciate our work, and want to create something similar themselves!

Complications: 1 million existing Content Marketing and Branding agencies 🙂

How we used storytelling for our brand: We developed a storyboard and a vision for ourselves. We focused on a segment of users and buyer profiles that understood the importance of “earned media” and brand design thinking. We developed a simple story-pitch around our passions to be able to attract the right brands towards us. These were around: original content, design/ visual thinking, startup/ SME focus, digital storytelling techniques for authentic & earned engagement.

2. Storytelling for your brand: Develop a Story pitch 

Once you create a brand vision, develop the hows to reach there. These hows enable you to build a communications platform to reach the client. Keep it simple!

Our story had 4 simple components. We used the McKinsey situation-complication-resolution framework to define what we were addressing. You could use any simple frameworks, or just your intuition, but develop a strong pitch and ensure you’re addressing your goals/ brand vision. Our focus was on the problems we addressed and the solution we provided.

a. As a Startup, small business or an individual, you need to build a brand to be discovered (Situation)
b. Brand building will take time and investment and you’re busy. You may not have the right internal resources (Complication)
d. But you can chill because you have us (Resolution)

3. Storytelling for your brand: Keep learning

Storytelling is a subjective art (sure, there’s science behind it, but the reactions are perceptions). Recently we worked with a storyline for a client (we love them, yes!). The first feedback said- they didn’t want to address the “functional” value of the brand. The second round said, they wanted it to be “more positive and less serious”. This, while we were sure, we had hit the nerve with our steps. But like I said, how you’re perceived and what resonates with your clients/ consumers may differ from your initial understanding or ideas. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So, it’s important to seek feedback and use it constructively. The point is not to sit on feedback and do nothing, but to use this to hone your storytelling into something that resonates better and more closely to what your audience expects. It’s 10,000 hours, and practice will make perfect!

Brandanew Impact

Since social media soft launch in October and full force from March 2014 onwards, we’ve seen a growth of 315% on Twitter alone (our priority network) since April end, 2015. All these are earned followers- not paid. Currently since we’re B2B focused we are focused on Twitter growth as we generate client leads from there. 

We’ve been featured on e27, Techstory, YourStory, Business Times, Startuproar, Alphagamma, Startup Today, Startup 101, Mumbrella and many other entrepreneurship and Startup related journals/media sites. These are where our leads/ customers are as well. Working with multiple clients already, and hiring new team members. Total passion and a strong brand new work culture! We are delighted that things are functioning. And hope to improve and learn everyday!

I wish you the best of luck in creating your stories. Do not hesitate to give us a shout if you needed a thinking partner! 🙂


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.