How to Use SlideShare as a Content Marketing Platform

Most businesses are not necessarily looking at SlideShare immediately as they talk about digital marketing. Generally all our attention as well as our resources are grabbed by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But before you go on ignoring it, there are facts to be looked over. I’ll go through the reasons why your must consider Slideshare. I will also share a few tips on how to use SlideShare as a Content Marketing platform for your personal brand. Read on…

How to Use SlideShare as a Content Marketing Platform Brandanew

Why you need to take SlideShare seriously!

SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn for over a 100 million. Why do you think they did that?

SlideShare receives 60 million unique visitors every month. Do you think it is big enough a number to target or small enough to ignore?

SlideShare was initially not seen as a mass product. But it caught on very quickly. Although people have seen social network essentially as a leisure activity in the past, this is clearly no longer the case. There is a large number of people building professional brands online and are consistently sharing their work socially. SlideShare just hit the sweet spot because it was convenient and well designed, somewhat like a YouTube for slides. These PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and Words Docs are an integral part of academic as well as corporate presentations. So, many professionals lapped it up to showcase their own presentations. The ease of usage, and the ability to re-use content was a key to the establishment of SlideShare as a knowledge sharing platform. The social aspect is pushing it and like any other network, SlideShare is also growing in numbers. This means, it is getting more and more difficult to be noticed. So, let us have a look at few tips for acing SlideShare for your content marketing efforts.

How to use SlideShare as a Content Marketing Platform

1. Remember PPT Best Practices

If you have ever made PowerPoint for your professional work, you already know that you need to keep the slides crisp and short. There should not be too many words on the slide and just a few bullet points to be explained by the speaker. SlideShare is just the place for online display of these slides and so all the best practices of traditional slide making need to be followed. With so much content being created each day all over the Internet, it is important to have people keep up their interest.

2. Be the expert

As in any other field of content marketing, the idea is to build your online authority. So, only upload slides with something useful and important. You can upload research papers, academic presentations, survey results and anything else that shows that your knowledge about the domain is beyond ordinary.

3. Focus on visuals

Just because you are covering more serious content does not mean that you have to ignore visuals. Focus on slide templates, use of colours and typography to make your slides stand out. Also, try to create infographics that go well with the slides.

4. Mind the SEO

SEO is one of the great benefits of SlideShare. It receives huge traffic and so if you can make even one standout slide, you can drive a lot of visitors to your site. Just include the right links and also keep the SEO keywords in mind when you write the descriptions and titles for your slides. Do not forget to complete your user profile with proper details and links to your website.

5. Mix Offline with Online

You can mix up the online promotions with offline activities too so that both help each other grow. For instance, whenever you give a presentation at any live event, also mention your SlideShare link so that the audience can check the presentation afterwards if they want. Similarly, through your SlideShare, display your contact information and let people know that you are available for public appearance, presentations and talks if required. 

And before I end, here’s a great presentation to help you get some content ideas going!



Have you been using SlideShare for your personal brands? What are some of your tips?

Enakshi Sharma

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