How To Increase Your Productivity As A Storyteller

It is demanding, lonely and often times a tough ask to constantly keep writing. The online world has opened new opportunities for creative pursuits and brought in new challenges too. Quality is now seen through clicks, likes and comments, and instant gratification rather than the piece in itself. This automatically demands that storytellers churn out more, faster, quicker putting them under an all-time high pressure-opportunity pedestal. A lot of great literature has taken years or even decades to complete. And naturally that’s far away from today’s world of 140 character stories, strict targets and deadlines. So, there is definitely a need to increase productivity, especially if you are a business storyteller. While each creative develops their own processes, here are my tips on how to increase your productivity as a storyteller!

How To Increase Your Productivity As A Storyteller Brandanew

How To Increase Your Productivity As A Storyteller

Sort your resources

We all need ideas and inspirations for writing. This is the era of information overload. So, we do not have to run to a library every time we need some information. However, excessive information also has its challenges. We are bombarded day and night and at times we risk missing out on important things while focusing on the latest trending cat or baby video. So, formulate the good habit of saving and sorting valuable pieces of data whenever you find them. Use tools: Evernote, Onenote, Pocket, Flipboard, Bookmarks, anything that works for you! 

Keep changing your setting

When you keep working at the same place, sitting at the same table, monotony sets in very soon. This cages you and affects your energy levels. Keep rejigging your place to get a more dynamic feeling. You can also try working from different places such as coffee shops or parks or simply change the settings and decor of your room once in a while to refresh your mood. Most creatives need a mood setting. Hemingway needed his Parisian cafes. You need to find yours!

Meet different types of people

It might sound counter intuitive to productivity, but it helps. Ever been stuck at an idea that you can’t proceed with? Get out of your room! Our friends, relatives and colleagues are generally similar to us and we can predict their responses as well as thoughts. Meeting and interacting with people from different backgrounds really helps push the boundaries. We may meet people offering a completely different perspective on the issues and topics that we are dealing with. And that may help you see the light. Use Meetups, writing workshops, hobby groups to meet new people. No matter how old you are, consider this to be your creative debt that you need to pay yourself. Refresh yourself!

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Seek different experiences

Sometimes we get stuck because we feel that we’ve simply exhausted our ideas. These ideas are drawn from our life experiences. So, more diverse the experiences, better the insights are. Try to broaden your horizons. Travel, attend discussions and forums, watch different types of films and plays, take part in different cultural and social events to develop yourself as a person and also as a writer. You will be surprised how the words flow from your pen, drawing from such new experiences. Go ahead and say yes to that event invite now!

Write down your ideas

It is important to save your ideas when they strike you. Sometimes we get interesting ideas while we are not working, sleeping on the bed or traveling on the bus. But we tend to forget them by the time we start working. So carry a notebook or just take a note on your mobile phone quickly whenever something new comes to you. This will save a lot of time and effort when you actually start your work. There are apps to help you convert voice to text including: Evernote, Dragon dictation, Voice Assistant. Check these out!

Attend a training or a workshop

Trainings are an investment into your future self. I’m a strong believer in training for new skills every now and then to constantly improve and be more productive. You can Google for different kinds of trainings and resource materials that are available for you to hone your skills.

At Brandanew, we have had a ton of requests for trainings and workshops as future or current brand owners see the benefits of being trained for storytelling. Here’s where you can register for our current workshops or get trained! You can also find our range of resources here directly.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started 🙂

Enakshi Sharma

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
Enakshi is a storyteller, curator (India Art Fair, 2015), anchor (May Queen, 2015), research associate (Centre for Civil Society, India), a travel writer and a blogger. She's a Digital Storyteller for Brandanew.