How To Create Remarkable Brand Slogans (And Some Funny Ones!)

Slogans and logos are a quintessential part of branding. We see clever use of slogans not only in business but also in a lot of other fields such as politics and sports. The beauty of slogans is that there is no fixed formula for creating one. Something just catches on while some others simply just do not make a dent. It is hard come up with a winning slogan just by scratching the paper a million times over. It requires a lot of strategic effort to go with it including some good luck. And while you’re at it, here are a few ways on how to create remarkable brand slogans for your Startups and brands.

How To Create Remarkable Brand Slogans Brandanew
Do not underestimate the time and resources

Unless you are God or Seth Godin, you will need time and the relevant resources. You need to put in designated effort to discover the slogan that is perfect for you. It is a part of your overall brand identity along with your logo. Something that your products and brands will be remembered by. Never think that you can do it easily just because it consists of only two or three words. Sometimes it may take more brainstorming than writing a whole book!

Keep it simple

The best slogans are simple and easy to remember. If you just have a look at the biggest brands, you will see that their punchlines are often the simplest. They may tell a story about the brand or inspire people or simply explain what the brand does. But no matter what they say, you will notice two things. Firstly they are short and crisp with 2 to 4 words and secondly they use very simple words that everyone understands. Especially if you are using English but the market has a different native language, stick to very generic words. For instance, everybody in the remotest non-English native markets in Asia and Latin Americas will understand Nike’s “Just Do It” or McDonald’s with their “I’m lovin’ it”.

Connect With the brand

The slogan should connect with the brand image. This means that you need to convey the functions or the values of the brand through the slogan. Nike’s “Just Do It” conveys attitude, Nokia’s “Connecting People” used to talk about what it did well, while Intel’s “Intel Inside” tells us about the universality and pre-eminence of the brand by conveying that almost every good machine has an Intel processor inside it. Intel’s particularly interesting because it is a B2B brand that still manages to market directly to the end consumer.

Induce a bit of quirk

A bit of quirk always helps. It may be a bit of humor or something clever that makes the brand stand out. But do not force it too much. It should go well with the image of the brand. Red Bull’s “Gives You Wings” is somewhat quirky and fun as they are backed by hilarious adverts. It is also very appropriate because it is an energy drink that is supposed to improve your energy levels, almost making you fly.

Seek help

Finally do not hesitate to take help. It is an important process so do not hesitate to take the help of a brand agency or even a freelance writer with a good record. Interestingly you can even find some tagline generators nowadays such as Slogan Generator or Slogan Mania. We are not saying you can just get a slogan made through a machine. But they can give you a few permutations and combinations using normal words. You can work on them and finally arrive at your own.

Which slogans did you finalize on?

On and, it is a Friday, we know,  we found you some awesome HONEST slogans ;-). Which one DO you find fun?

How To Create Remarkable Brand Slogans Honest Slogans from Brands Brandanew

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