How to Choose Content Marketing Tools

There are tons of social media and content marketing tools available in the market. And routine tasks in the marketing/ branding departments are being replaced by intelligent systems. These could include, automatic curation, scheduling, image edits or any such functions. Tools can be a big addition to your Content Marketing costs. Thus it’s important to know how to choose Content Marketing tools for your brand.

What are the different Content Marketing tools?

Curata has the most comprehensive list of tools in the Content Marketing domain listed on their site. I am using the image here for a quick view. Of course there could be that one tool that you use that’s missing, but generally it’s a big and useful list to go by.

How To Choose Content Marketing Tools

Your brand needs to stay ahead of the curve and follow the latest developments in the field of Content Marketing and social media. These are not just useful and trend setting marketing innovations but they make your job infinitely easier.

Once a client asked me, how do you keep a note of all these new tools? For me the answer was Twitter. I use that channel to keep myself aware of the latest in the field. In addition, some interesting blogs by industry veterans are a good way to be in touch. There is no magic, it’s hard work and your own push to keep yourself aware. This is also where I recommend using experiences from someone who has a good background and many years of Content behind them. They usually will share tips out of their own professional failures and successes.

Why do you need Content Marketing tools?

We often say that Brand managers need to understand social and content almost like designers. Thanks to the available tools that increasingly take away repetitive functionality of marketing/ social media, it is possible. Brand owners can instead focus increasingly on core functions such as  strategy, planning, and team development. This however requires that brands are using the right tools to achieve Content Marketing and social media goals in the long term.

How to choose Content Marketing tools- Your Checklist

1. Ensure ease of use and simplicity 
Your team must be able to operate the tools/software without any problems. This means, know why you’re getting it (goals) and it must be simple to accomplish.

2. Focus on customer service
Content Marketing and social media come with an always-beta stage a lot of times. A responsive customer listens to its customers and often adds new features or helps you solve problems. Service and tips/offers for long term customers are usually a part of what you sign up for from a professional service provider. Some offer webinars, tips or industry knowledge eBooks, whitepapers etc. in addition to the tools.

3. Select easy integration and easy interface
The tool/software or database should allow easy integration into existing infrastructure. Do not jump to a new WordPress blog, if your existing site CMS does not support it. Try and find out what is most compatible and easy to integrate.

4. Seek acceptance by the team
Most experienced Content creators and producers tend to use specific tools. If they’re using free tools that’s not impacting company budgets, they should not be forced to use new tools. At the same time, be prepared to completely showcase the benefits of the new tool that you recommend to win them over.

6. Measure improvement 
The overall goal should be to become best-in-class brand. It is critical to choose tools that offer something unique and valuable, and make you reach goals. Do not add tools to your repertoire only because you saw someone else use it. A tool makes sense when it leads to some improvement.

How do you choose your tools? Let me know in the comments!


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.