How Does Content Marketing Help Your Social Media Strategy

The importance of social media is the writing on the wall. Social media is not only the easiest way of knowing the consumer but also a fantastic channel to offer services and find new leads. Increased usage of social media allows business and brands to create value by building a community of loyal followers. Considering the global social media population has crossed 2 billion and we are producing millions of pieces of social content per minute, how can brands be distinctive? This is the question we ask today, and share how does content marketing help your social media strategy.

How Does Content Marketing Help Your Social Media Strategy

How Does Content Marketing Help Your Social Media Strategy

Google Panda has already established the need of quality content over anything else for online marketing. As a brand you write on a subject that falls in your niche and build value around it. This content must surprise, help or entertain your consumers. By offering content that is consistently high quality, your social media strategy is elevated to another level.  Here are a few reasons…

1. You are what you share

Content allows a brand to share their product stories that build recall and create value in the consumer mind. Social media is a great to channelize your content. The importance of anything is only established when it is unique and the consumer attaches value to it. By sharing content on the channels were the consumers are already present, a brand becomes tangibly accessible. Not every piece of content has to be a long blog post. A clever Facebook status can also be a great piece of viral content shared by thousands. You just have to invest smartly and be creative to come up with something witty or useful while staying topical and relevant. Sharing random posts, that occurred to you on the “spur of the moment” can work very well with your personal accounts. But for creating a strong corporate brand, this needs to be planned well.

Investing in a clear social content strategy ensures that you have ready hand and brand relevant content for your fans.

Bonus: How to create a social content strategy:

1) Define the topics that you will be sharing content on
2) Develop an editorial calendar
3) Brainstorm to curate/create different pieces of content that is relevant to your niche and brand
4) Share at the right timings and on platforms where your target group is present

2. Content helps you wow your social customers 

There are tons of brands that are curating and creating content for their customers enabling them to develop a unique social presence. An example is Hilton Suggests, run by Hilton hotel, which surprises travelers by providing suggestions and insider tips creating remarkable customer goodwill all around.

Here’s what HBR recently said about the Content marketing revolution:

The content marketing revolution signals more than a mere marketing fad. It marks an important new chapter in the history of business communications: the era of corporate enlightenment.

3. Content helps you get noticed by influencers and build a reputation

The powerful push from a social influencer can help your brand reach out to many times more people than your existing user base. A less-thought out on the fly comment is less likely to be noticed by anyone. Strong quality content, if shared by some of the influencers in your niche, can lead to explosive growth in your fan following and bring new leads or traffic!

We saw amazing results with one of Brandanew’s clients. A single blog post was shared by an influencer on social media, which led to 1 million+ (and still their number 1 post) visits to the website. While this may not happen to every post, the likelihood is much stronger, when the piece of content is well thought out. Your content can go viral on the social media at any moment and if that happens your brand equity will also see exponential growth. 

Even if you weren’t really after virality, content backed social media allows you to build a reputation. What do you want to be known for?

4. Smart content strategy allows you to know the sharing triggers of your community

Before you start off creating tons of content for your site, it is important to analyze and ascertain the sharing triggers for your audience. This begins by knowing what your target audience likes, what could interest them and what do they share. For all industries, niches and sectors, this information is likely to differ and you need to understand your audience to be able to optimize this! Strategic planning here is not only important, it is the only way out.

Summing up: While your content marketing strategy may be purely depend on SEO and other tactics and can succeed, getting your social brand up without content is not a workable option. Point being: make a plan before you paint the town social 🙂

How’s your social media strategy working? Share all your questions with us 🙂

This post was created in collaboration with work by Enakshi Sharma.


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