How Can Guest Posting Help You Establish A Personal Brand

Many amateur bloggers have been using guest posting purely as a method for building back links to their own sites. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s head of spam, said that the time of guest posting for link building is over. However, the big guys in the Content marketing world including: the founder of Quicksprout, the Buffer team, the Hubspot team and whosoever is on your “best practice list” are still guest posting. Even through internet changes drastically every now and then, guest posting has retained its utility. After all these years it remains a potent content marketing tool. If you’ve been wondering how can guest posting help you establish a personal brand, you’re in the right place. Read further….

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First there was noise of Content Marketing, expertise, authority etc…

You have surely come across the above terms at some point or the other, especially if you are trying to promote anything online. These aspects are inter related and in fact they can be used interchangeably to describe the same activity that every marketer must undertake nowadays. You have to create good quality content and publish it online so that it builds your image as an authority or expert in a given field. That is why an online hotel and air ticket vendor like Expedia has a travel blog while a fashion brand like Calvin Klein shares design inspirations on Tumblr.

Now, most brands do create content on their own websites and blogs regularly as a part of content marketing. They have understood that this is the best way to show off their expertise and convince potential customers to trust them. But how does guest posting come into the picture? Why must you create quality content and give it away to someone else?  Well, the concern is understandable but  it is also misdirected…

Enter Google

Well, firstly, the traditional benefit of guest posting is that of improved SEO (search engine optimization). In return of the post you get a link back to your site and such links help you enhance your Google rankings. However the catch here is that with recent updates, Google has tilted the balance in favor of “quality content”. It promotes quality content and punishes desperate link building attempts involving a high volume of keywords and low quality. The links will help you only if you share thoughts on a reputed website in your given domain. If you are a technical service provider and publish something on Mashable or The Wired, this is the kind of link that will benefit you more than a hundred links from some nondescript blogs. In fact if you get links from shady, blacklisted sites, it will most likely hurt you. Higher quality blogs also mean, they emphasize on the good stories for their own sake, so you won’t get in with poor quality.

And New Avenues

The other benefit of guest posting is the opportunity to showcase your experience and knowledge. While you can advertise directly, it will cost you a fortune. For personal or solo ventures these are usually not affordable. Besides, with the overdose of promotional content, people have grown tired of advertising and they do not really trust them much. Authentic, genuine and helpful content is the best indirect promotion for you that does not even cost a penny. Of course you do invest in the resources to create the content, but that’s the same with an advert too!

Finally, guest posts introduce you to a new reader base. Sure you have your own readers but through guest posting you get access to the readers of the other sites where you publish. Eventually some of them can come back to you  and become your loyal followers or customers. You empower your own brand by newer avenues to grow your personal brands and capturing audiences from other relevant forums! 

 So, what are you waiting for? Pitch to your favorite sites and work your brand magic! 🙂

Here’s a great infographic shared by the good folks at Business2Community:

How Can Guest Posting Help You Establish A Personal Brand Brandanew

So when are you starting? 🙂

Enakshi Sharma

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