How Can a Blog Make Money and How Much Can I Earn?

It’s 2016. All your friends are either sharing professional looking images or deciding to be professional bloggers. Ever wondered- can a blog make money? Read on, we have the answers!

If you’ve read our first post in our Blogging series about what is a blog and why you need one, you’re aware of how important blogs are for increasing traffic to your website and for gaining your potential customers’ trust. Today we’ll be talking about the different ways in which a blog can make money and how much can you potentially earn. Similarly to the previous post, I’ve found interesting insights from other bloggers on Quora, which I’ll share with you now.  

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So… what can you do to make money from your blog?

Here’s John Ramey’s answer:

It depends (on) how much work you want to put in, how/what niche your website is, and what your traffic is like.”

Which are your options, then? Well, you can use your blog to sell:

– Courses, Tutorials, Workshops and Mentoring Programs;

– Services;

– Tickets to Online and Offline Events, such as Conferences and Concerts;

– Your Own Products (such as books, ebooks, t-shirts and other merchandising, Powerpoint templates, WordPress themes, resources for graphic designers, background music, Quote posters, Handmade products, Software, etc.);

– Other People’s Products (you become an affiliate for a company and this way you earn a commission each time someone buys something from them that you mentioned on your blog);

– Advertising space (you can allow companies to place a banner ad or link on your blog);

– Memberships to an online club or forum that you create and in which you periodically share valuable content and resources to your members, and where they can interact with other members of the community.

You can also earn money from your blogging efforts indirectly, as when people land on your blog they can see your skills and may decide to ask you to do freelance work for them, offer you speaking gigs, strategic partnerships, sponsorship and book deals, and even a job!


Now, you might be wondering… how much can you actually earn with your shiny new blog?

Well, quoting John Fawkes’ answer on Quora, you can make:

“Anywhere from nothing to millions (…) it depends on the size and quality of the (blog’s) audience, and how the blog is monetized.”

I wanted to show you something that could inspire you, so I thought you might want to know that some the top blogs in the digital marketing blogosphere have made more than a hundred thousand of dollars per month. Blogs such as Entrepreneur On Fire, Smart Passive Income and Boost Blog Traffic. Let’s repeat that – $100.000 per month. Sure, the chances of you making this kind of money are slim, but, hey, who knows? Sure, it ain’t going to be easy, but nothing in life that is worth having is easy, either. 🙂

For a different view of the blogging scene, check this 2015 Blogging report from iBlog magazine; they surveyed thousands of female bloggers and concluded that, as a result of their blogging efforts:

– 68% of those bloggers earned less than $5,000 annually, or $417/month;

– 57% of them earned less than $2,500;

– 7% of bloggers earned between $5000 and 10,000 annually;

– 6% earned more than 60,000 annually.

So, the sad truth is that the majority of female bloggers that were featured on this study doesn’t make a decent income out of blogging. But here’s an interesting finding from the survey:

“The overwhelming majority of bloggers surveyed spend zero to a maximum of 3 hours per month learning how to use the tools available to grow their businesses.”

This impressive stat can’t be underestimated. These bloggers aren’t investing enough time in learning how to use social media tools, social media advertising, video, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and podcasts to take their blogs to the next level. The good news about this data? Well, you aren’t part of the majority :). You are now reading this blog post, and so you are one of the few that have the better chances at making blogging work for you!

I hope that by now you’re more aware of the methods available for you to earn money from your blog and how much you can expect to earn. Don’t forget, though, that how far your blog will come will depend on how much work you’re willing to put on to make it a success!


The next post in this blogging series will focus on the types of platforms that you can use to create your blog and what your first steps should be.

If you have any questions write to us! We love to chat! 🙂

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