Hello World. Start Afresh. Brandanew.

On a sunny day of Spring, we begin. Start afresh and Brandanew.

What problem were we addressing?

In the early 80s in India where I grew up, we had a beautiful video that played on national television. It had these lines and images (not modern but beautifully put together) that spoke volumes. The one that I can distinctly think of are:

Bela, Gulab, Juhi, Champa, Chameli. Phool hain anek kintu maala bus ek hai

Jasmine, Rose, Magnolia…the flowers are plenty, but the garland is one.

Storytelling and Content Marketing Brandanew

This made me think of the situation we see in the digital world. With plenty of different channels, it seems that our own personalities, or those of the brands that we manage are split into different micro stories. And while they represent different aspects, they are only a part of what a brand represents in toto.

What should your brand represent? Which parts must you showcase on each network? How should you manage different personas on different networks? How can you be authentic as a brand? What kind of storytelling would make you stand out? How do you create different kinds of content and stories for various platforms and yet maintain the brand tonality? As an individual interested in digital and brands, I was keenly aware of these multi-faceted problems. Various solutions existed and it was a domain, we could add value in, through the quality of our intent and experiences.

What was the real inspiring question we were addressing?

We spoke to brands, CEOs, CMOs and regular mad (wo)men. We asked them a single question: what next?

One response stood out. Although, it felt like most leaned towards something like that. What can I leave the world with? When they do connect the dots, what story would my life tell? 

Sometimes, I think of this question too. I brought my question to my partner in crime, and our Founding Editor, Ashwati Michael many days ago during coffee conversations in an Urban Village called Hauz Khas. Our new year goals and resolutions often found us digging through old stories, books, lapses of judgements from the past and simple, clear moments of truth. These moments  seemed exceptionally clear once we had each other to connect the dots.

And late last year, as I was thinking about my goals for 2015, I realized, while we are in it, the big picture view seems incredibly difficult to see through and discover. What if there was someone prodding on, and trying to help you derive the messages and empower you with your story? I thought hard about what it could mean. From what problem I was trying to solve, to how I was going to ensure it happened.

What does Brandanew represent?

After multiple drafts on pieces of paper, I thought of this:

Whether you are a big brand – a business or a person, or trying to find your story, we help you craft it. Few things attract us more than stories- well told. Many of which we heard in our childhoods. What does it take to become someone who attracts a bunch of real connections through the power of a narrative well woven? We help you find the Pied Piper in you. We put the human back in your stories.

Brandanew is a brand new platform created with the inherent love of simple but powerful stories. We help businesses and individuals find their voice in a socially connected world. And after over ten years of mulling over whether or not I should plunge into something powerful and empowering like my own baby business, this is it.

Products and Services: 

  • Brandanew CORE:  By co-creating a brand and content strategy, we help your anchor your brand, be human and differentiate better.
  • Brandanew SOCIAL: We help you implement a content road-map. Our offering includes micro & long-form content depending on your needs. We tweet, Facebook, Pin, Blog, create whitepapers, eBooks, SlideShare presentations, reports and everything that you believe can help your brand move forward.
  • Brandanew STORIESIf there is one story that can help you change perception, make a difference and make you stand-out as a brand, we are happy to help you find it. 

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Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.