7 Signs That You’re Actually Good At Content Marketing

Monday morning needs some motivation. If you’re beginning the week thinking about how you can improve your content marketing efforts, it’s also a good time to reflect a little more. What does success mean? Are you any good at content marketing as a brand? Contrary to what you may want to hear, going viral doesn’t have much to do with it. It’s much more than that. In this post, I’m listing what makes for really solid content marketing. These are also tips for you to adopt for your brands and campaigns to ensure that your on the right path!

7 Signs That You're Actually Good At Content Marketing

7 Signs That You’re Actually Good At Content Marketing

1. You’ve defined the rationale why you’re investing in content

Content Marketing is a failure on the day when you start writing without knowing the end goals of what you’re really creating or reaching out for. Facebook’s publisher reach is at an all time low and has gone down 42 %. This really means that unless you’re fully sure of what the content is yielding, you may get sucked into the gulf of poorly judged social advertising and content costs.

You’re safe when you know why you’re investing into content and see the business rationale before you got out shopping for media attention.

2. You understand repurposing content

Content in content in content is not just a mantra Gary Vaynerchuk shares. The good news is that it works. As an experience content marketer and a brand, you need to be able to repurpose your content. It doesn’t make sense to constantly underutilize your content. For scaling your content and being efficient, ensure that you repurpose content as much as you can. Follow this:

a) Select your platforms
b) Create or curate original content
c) Optimize your content as per the new platform
d) Engage. Engage. Engage.

3. You make your blog the center of your online content efforts

Grow your own garden, because that stays with you forever and under your own content. This is really important for a variety of reasons including having the ability to define the voice of your brand, and be a brand publisher telling stories that attract your audience.

4. You’re using the best tools

Using essential tools for content marketing is important for you to be able to scale your efforts and be all set to create something of value for your audience. Without automation, you’re left with unending and most times difficult tasks that don’t let you benefit from content. If you have a well developed process, and know how to measure, analyze and optimize, you’re set.

5. You have a set of business goals that match with your content

The greatest advantage of using online media is that you get to measure, optimize and see results directly and instantly. This allows you to be flexible about how to set your campaigns and ensure that the results are in line with what you’re trying. It’s important to match content goals with your business goals to fully realize the benefits of content and generate a business positive ROI. If you’re using tools, automation and conversion tactics to have your content create specific business results, you’re all set!

6. You have an editorial plan for your content

Here’s a FREE editorial calendar that you can immediately use for your content strategy and blog to get ahead. And if you’re already owning an editorial calendar then you’re all set! Calendars make your work more professional as well as making content collaborations (internal and external) easy-peasy.

7. You’re using content marketing frameworks

At Brandanew, we use a simple 6-step framework to define content marketing strategies. There’s no single rule, but using the right framework allows your brand to be professional, efficient and be able to scale. It’s important to stay lean and stick to processes as you grow in this field so that you’re on the right path and do not over-invest in channels and platforms that do not work for you. Frameworks and processes allow you a fall back check and consistency as a brand. What’s not to love?

Learn our simple and effective Content Marketing process HERE.

How are you performing? Do you rate your brand as being good at content marketing? Do share!


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.