Global Access To Your Content Marketing eCourse!

Last week, we hit a small technical glitch, which left us distraught (it was quite a bummer, you’re right). Globally many of you could not make easy payments and we’re so sorry for that experience. But now we have good news, wooHoo! To help all of us get full access to our Content Marketing for Beginners eCourse, we’ve now fully recorded the course, created all the course material AND made it available for everyone globally. This means, you can now access all the insights, creative material and your content marketing eCourse at the comfort of your home and make an easy online payment to get complete lifetime access. Naturally, at Brandanew, we’re thrilled for this to happen and can’t wait to share the course with you and get all your wonderful questions!

Get FULL access and make an investment in your own skills now!


The course would have 10 video modules, free eBooks, and a creativity manifesto that you can use to build your content marketing skills. The core of the course is the description of a content marketing process, a step-wise guideline to help you understand how you should approach marketing for your business/ brand. Even if you already have a content marketing process, it will help you reevaluate it, and understand what you could do better!

The course is intended for content marketing beginners, startup founders, entrepreneurs, bloggers and addresses the beginner to intermediate level. This is our first fully online workshop. We will cover topics like SEO, Social Media marketing and how your brand gets affected by all these. It’s also helpful when you’re feeling like there’s no way you can cover everything and address so many different channels and platforms. The process allows you to see and figure out how you can approach marketing, using your special requirements as a personal or a professional brand.

Here are some testimonials from previous workshop attendees for you to be able to decide and choose this Content Marketing eCourse.

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Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.