#FollowFriday: 10 Branding Experts On Twitter You Must Follow NOW!

While most of us like to believe that branding comes naturally with digital marketing, the fact could not be further off. Branding is a different ballgame and if done wrong, you may get something nasty stuck to your image for as long as forever, hampering your growth in your niche field. Like every other marketing technique, executing successful branding strategies needs some inspiration as well. So here are 10 branding experts on Twitter you must follow now to be to get inspired! At @brandanewco, we keep following up and sharing tweets from these experts on an ongoing basis, and are happy to share our inspirations today!


10 Branding Experts On Twitter You Must Follow NOW!

1. Tony Hsieh

As the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh has not just been through the grind of establishing his own company’s branding but also has experience in other aspects of running a successful business – including customer service, work culture, etc. A definite go-to for branding advice, you can follow all his quotes on @zappos.  

2. Guy Kawasaki

An incredible author, entrepreneur and chief evangelist of Canva, Guy Kawasaki is super active on Twitter – sharing insights into marketing, creativity, customer service, fundraising and much more! He turns every complex aspect of entrepreneurship into something easily executable on his Twitter account, @GuyKawasaki.

3. Martin Lindstrom

Featured on TIME in the list of “World’s 100 Most Influential People”, Martin Lindstrom shares insights and articles on branding, consumers as well as digital marketing on his Twitter account, @martinlindstrom.

4. Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur and a personal branding expert, Tim Ferriss is someone almost every company founder out there follows for advice on personal and company branding. Having written several books on the same, and putting them to use in founding a number of companies, he uses his Twitter account – @TFerriss to share blog posts, podcasts and quotes relevant to the field.

5. William Arruda

Having helped clients as diverse as Disney, IBM and American Express, William Arruda is known for his expertise in the field of personal branding. His Twitter account, @williamarruda , is full of insights and advices in the field of branding, customer satisfaction and social media.  

6. Marie Forleo

Known as the guiding light of women entrepreneurs across the world, Marie Forleo is a living example of personal branding done well. Her Twitter account, @MarieForleo is not just full of updates from her talks, but also insights in the field of branding with executable advices.

7. Marcus Sheridan

With a speciality in content marketing, Marcus Sheridan is known for not just talking the talk – but also walking it. Considering content is the go-to for all kinds of branding in today’s date, you must follow him on Twitter, @TheSalesLion. He doesn’t just share the field’s trends, but also gives executable advices for businesses of all sizes – helping them brand themselves better.

8. John Michael Morgan

A popular author, speaker and coach on leadership and entrepreneurship, John Michael Morgan is a must follow on Twitter. Having founded the Achievers Alliance and authored the famous ‘Brand Against the Machine’, he shares his experience with entrepreneurship, branding insights and everything digital you need to grow your business on @johnmorgan.

9. Liz Dennery Sanders

Featured on SheBrand Superstars, Liz Dennery Sanders shares her experience in entrepreneurship to encourage women entrepreneurs across the world. With insights on entrepreneurship, branding – personal and business, and digital, you can follow all her updates on her Twitter account, @SheBrandLiz.

10. Shenee Howard

Maintaining one of the most hilarious and irreverent tones across her website and Twitter account, @heyshenee, she is certainly one to follow if you’re looking at non-conventional ways to promote your brand name – she’s always up for some adventure and keeps you updated on her experience along with insights to help you execute a branding strategy successfully.

Who’s your go-to for branding tips? If we missed someone you get inspired by, give us a shout at @brandanewco !


Vanhishikha Bhargava

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