An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog Is A Remarkable Need

Let’s start with statistics. Over 2 million blogs will be posted today. Yes, no less. Can you imagine what you’re competing against? It’s not just your competitor’s advert on television or radio, it’s competition from every single blogger from age 13 to 80. We’re creating more content than ever before and I’m here to tell you, to succeed, an editorial calendar for your blog is ESSENTIAL. Depending on what your goals are, success may seem farfetched. But believe it or not, most blogs go into oblivion, not because of poor content, but poor management. Lack of consistency is the #1 readership killer. So if you’ve seen your blog traffic work like a sine wave, you may want to check how often you’ve been posting. We’re sharing our own editorial calendar template that you can download for free at the end of this post!

An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog Is A Remarkable Need

Why Do You Need An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog?

1. Consistency is KEY

Brands that do content marketing well, know that consistency is the key to growth. Statistics show that the more planned and consistent you are, your likelihood to success will be higher. You can’t get away with posting once in a month, that won’t kick in any benefits. You need more to build for your unique niche. Your readers will love you for it. They will know when to come back and what to expect.

2. Calendars help you coordinate with your team better

We’ve shared before on how content is a team sport. This means, you need your whole team to coordinate and stay connected with the themes that you’re covering and working on. You can not afford to have mismanagement and have your team members working on overlapping topics. This gets very critical when you expand your team externally or internally to a few members. Communication is key while planning, and your calendar is like a blueprint of your content efforts.

3. Your planning meets opportunity

When you’re producing a ton of content, it is important to analyze what’s working for you and learn from both your successes and failures. Having a calendar can help you mark areas that you are doing well on, and optimize on these. You will have a single view on your distribution channels, topics, keywords and calls to action that are converting for you. Remember, content marketing is creative but also has business goals. Plan ahead so that you can convert your opportunities into tangible business results.

4. Watch your keywords and topics

Is content marketing effective? Hell, YES. Ask Red Bull or SAP! Tons of brands are benefiting from the content marketing phenomena. It is critical to understand what your customers are looking for in terms of defining the topics you’re going to share and write about. It is equally important to work on your content and benefit from search engine optimization using short and long tail keywords relevant to your niche. A calendar gives you a big picture view of what’s coming up and how you can focus better.

5. You’re making a commitment

Sure, you can go to the park near your house and walk regularly. But, research shows that paying for gym memberships actually gets more people to exercise than just deciding to. We need a commitment to help us push our efforts more. A tangible, printable editorial calendar for your blog is your conscious. It is remarkable how it enables you to push your efforts more!

A FREE Editorial Calendar Template

Everyone naturally has their own ideas on how to create a calendar. I’m happy to share the calendar we use at Brandanew. Download it here for FREE

An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog (FREE Template)

Make a head-start into content marketing and take a small step forward. If you’re a newbie, check out our Content Marketing eCourse. I promise it’s an investment you will not regret!


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.