How SMB Owners Can Utilize Digital Changes in 2017 to Increase Profits

Constant digital changes in 2017 and beyond will be the major, predominant force in the world of modern business. The good news is that business owners can utilize technologies to cash in more profits and create a new future of work. Modern technologies have had an incredible impact on helping brands stay lean.

From new models of computers and gadgets, to helpful business softwares, brand owners need to keep pace with modern innovations to stay in the game. These digital novelties can generate profits and advance business management if used in a smart way. Let’s learn how digital can make your brands special in 2017…

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1. Save with remote hiring

One of the most efficient ways to increase profits is to reduce expenses. With the use of the modern means of communication, business owners are able to interview their potential workers via the Internet. That way they won’t waste any other resource apart from their own time. Therefore, including Skype or Google Hangouts to your hiring procedures will save a lot of assets. Using cutting-edge VoIP solutions can contribute to more efficient hiring, as well as enhance communication within an small and medium business (SMB), taking it to a more advanced level.

Remember, with specialized tools, you can also just hire remote workers who may prefer flexible work environments. This not only saves hiring costs, but also the costs to the company by having no need for an official desk space for a new employee. For SMBs, infrastructural costs are often high, and remote working definitely helps counter that.

2. Stay lean with smart offices

If your type of business requires renting an office office, in spite of all the technological aids available these days, then you must hone in on making your office an energy-efficient space. You choose from a plethora of smart devices and save a significant amount of both energy and assets. It goes without saying that heating and cooling are amongst the most voracious guzzlers of every office budget. Because of that, finding the right heating system for your office is the smartest move you can make towards higher energy efficiency and a more environmentally conscious business.

Don’t forget thinking about shared co-working spaces – with other brands, if that works better for your business. Many cities now offer spaces where you can share overall infrastructural costs to stay lean.

3. Create your media presence at low costs

Everyone now knows how to make a Facebook page but having a relevant brand presence on social media is a lot more. Therefore, if you are an ambitious owner of a serious SMB, you should spread the word about your business using the most relevant online channels. You need to use the fantastic four of online brand presence: a Facebook page, a website, a blog and an application for gadgets. They are all essential features for every SMB owner who wants to leave an impression of a dedicated business.

What matters here is building your online platforms in a meticulous and smart way. The fantastic four will need to be integrated into a single media unit, so that your clients can rely on this interconnectivity even when one channel is unavailable. For instance, sometimes it’s possible to deal with software-release downtimes, by keeping the other brand channels open and available for customers. This also helps you stay transparent and authentic as a brand.

4. Create a paper-free green, lean work environment

Research shows that majority of businesses have been making an effort of late to go paperless. Large business players usually have greater printing needs, but the assets wasted through excessive printing in SMBs are significant as well. So, if you have already decided to join the paper-free, eco-aware forces of the proactive business future, don’t forget to ensure valid backup support. Backup technologies will serve as a proper replacement for printed documents. For instance, equipping your office with several external hard disks and buying ample cloud storage space are effective paper-free solutions.

In Summary…

Technology is not only a helpful business accelerator, but it can also improve our work productivity and increase our profits. Therefore, SMB owners need to keep learning about various business-enhancing tech innovations and seize all the opportunities this wonderful age offers.

Are you ready for paper-less and efficient digital changes in 2017? Which technology options are you rooting for?

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