How to Create Remarkable Videos For Your Brand

Creating remarkable videos for your brand isn’t rocket science. In today’s new media landscape, it may just have become a need. I have exactly three reasons for sharing this with you today. Firstly, I recommended one of my clients to launch a series of “how-to” videos to make their product more accessible. We discussed about how this could potentially pan out. I could sense some discomfort on how videos could work. Secondly, at Brandanew, we also shared the benefits of having rich media as a part of your content strategy. I’ve had a ton of questions on how to do this from readers! And finally, I recently finished reading “Creative Confidence” by David and Tom Kelley and that’s definitely adding on to my mojo! In toto, I have some lean mean tips on your video strategy today.

Oh and before you tell me how you don’t have a videographer and professional shooting studio, I’m here to tell you, pick up your phone and record. These tips are for quick videos that you can definitely get a hang of and make some brand magic! There are no excuses in our kitty, and you should shun them too!

How to Create Remarkable Videos For Your Brand

How to Create Remarkable Videos For Your Brand

1. Write a script or a video copy

Far too many people on Podcasts and YouTube Videos ramble (for the lack of a more sophisticated word). That may work for a fashion blogger, but that usually comes across as too unprofessional for a brand. Write a script. Know exactly what you’re going to say and which words you’ll use.

Having a script does not make you less authentic, it allows you to become more confident and natural on camera.  From personal experience, I can share that I am totally afraid of the big camera poking into my face, but I love it when I feel prepared. A good copy can take you far along.

2. Stay on brand

From your logo, your website details, colors, tonality and all the language you use, stay on brand. You don’t want to shock people. You want the video to be the extension of your brand personality. Ask yourself, is this what people would expect of your brand? Does this connect with the perception you’ve created for your brand? Include your branding elements to stay on top of things.

3. Use voiceovers

This is a great technique to stay on target with your messaging. Too much information, diversions and fillers in a real-time video can be annoying and come across as unprofessional. Use voiceovers to sound professional. You can practically read things while recording a voiceover so there’s no need for you to keep on re-shooting the same video. Voiceovers are lifesavers!

For our eCourse which has 10 video lessons, we have a massive portion of the video sharing the actual material (in form of a presentation) on screen. For this part, we preferred using a voiceover for clarity and also for ease of shooting that portion. It worked extremely well and is totally on target with the messaging on the script!

4. Use various background shots

To make the video look spectacular, don’t just have two people constantly talking. Think about using a few shots in the background while your subjects talk (ideally related to what they’re describing). If you remember your favorite TV documentaries, they often do that. Think about unique ways in which you can do that.

For an introduction to our eCourse, we used a lot of background shots in between as fillers, and the feedback on these has been spectacular. It’s always good to have a hand full of background shots so that you have them on you as you edit (you WILL need more during editing, trust me!).

5. Pay attention to lighting and contextual settings

Lighting is KEY. There’s little you can enhance in your editing, if the base lights are totally off. So, it’s critical to have the right lights. Remember when you create a video, focus on the topic and the theme. Do not shoot in an environment that’s distracting the viewers. Nothing in your background should take the attention away from your brand message.

One of my favorite brand mentors once made a video and I sent him a quick email on how well it had come across. His response was funny, and understandable. No one had told him that his tie was crooked, and that had made the video totally unfit for the audience he was talking to. Remember, details matter. Your brand perception is not created in a day. Don’t let a small video ruin it all. Look at everything. And then double check.

6. Do not rush, enjoy it!

Perhaps you’re just making a video for Instagram or SnapChat. But even if that’s the case, do not rush it. Rushed videos may not be seen as thoughtful by your audience. Take your time, refine your messages and basically enjoy the process. Your brand is the hero of the story, allow it some screen time!

7. Test and get some feedback

Never run videos for your brand unless you test them once and also get some quick feedback from your audience members. It is critical to get an external video before you go all out with your video. Remember, once you share it, it’s out there and forever. So, it’s better to be careful before you send it out to the cosmic world.

Do not stress on using the highest quality cameras, the best sets and technical details like that. Remember, people react most favorably to things that are authentic, emotional and say things in a fun way. A story well told comes across no matter which latest technology you use. Keep it simple and keep the emotional arc alive!

What are some of your tips for making remarkable brand videos?


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.