How to Create Marketing Hype For Your New Launch

HBR says, about 75% of all CPG and retail products are failures in the first year. After launching very many products and services, I’ve personally learned this aspect in the hindsight. To create marketing hype for your new launch isn’t something you can do it in a day. It requires sustained effort, marketing push and the whole caboodle. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But as a small business owner or a startup, you’re already ready to put in time and effort. So, let’s go through some tips on how you can create something that’ll attract your customers right away!

How to Create Marketing Hype For Your New Launch

Take your time at planning your product and marketing launch

Robert Herjavec on ABC’s Shark Tank recently said,

[Tweet “You become an overnight success in 10-15 years”]

And it’s true. No amount of growth hacking is going to help if you have issues on the product itself. The main reasons why product or marketing launches fail include:

a) There’s not enough market research gone into the product and the product has no market need
b) You require way too much consumer education
c) The product itself is underwhelming (i.e. not ready for launch)
d) You have no budget / resources left for marketing
e) You don’t have a clear target audience
f) The site isn’t fully functional
g) You’re focussing on a single channel for marketing (e.g. PR)
h) There’s no launch roadmap or plan

These are some of the reasons, and surely, you can add on to the list, but you get the drift. The point is at the very least, you need to know three things:
1) Who is your target audience
2) Where do they spend time/ energy
3) How can you reach your target audience

And ensure that your product is ready of course. Like I’ve said before, no amount of marketing will sell a bad product.

And now, assuming all the above are clear, what can you do to get some hype going? Here are some ideas!

How to Create Marketing Hype For Your New Launch


1. Start weeks in advance to build a community

I’ve discussed this before, but let me repeat, for a new Startup, start building your community bird by bird even as far back as 6 months in advance. You will really value the fact that you don’t have to start with an email list of zero on launch day. Or with zero Twitter followers. It takes time to build these communities, so be sure that you’re putting in effort beforehand. In addition, start giving your audience an idea that you’ll be launching something soon.

2. Give away exclusive access to beta users

I can personally tell you from experience that nothing makes a community member more loyal than knowing that you’re sharing something exclusively with them. Your beta users will not only help you understand how various people perceive your product, but may also help you identify a new use case- which may be critical pre-launch. It’ll help you getting feedback and you will automatically also be able to build engagement within this community. They can also become word of mouth advocates for the product in the future.

3. Establish relationships with bloggers in your domain and create a publishing plan

Depending on your industry, choose bloggers who can talk about your product and share an embargoed release at the time of launch. So that on launch day, you have some buzz in various communities. You can find a good connect with the communities that the bloggers themselves engage with. Do not hesitate to get the whole press kit from your bloggers to know what their audience is like. Also choose blogs with mid to high DAs/PAs to invest carefully in building a buzz. Ensure you’re linking your product launch site on all the blogs, to get some SEO link juice and allowing prospective consumers to find you easily.

4. Create engaging content to giveaway for free

Build interesting content that you can giveaway for free. This content is not a sales brochure but something you’ve really invested effort on. Maybe industry trends, or details of a key challenge your consumers are faced with. Ensure you’re getting onto the party but bringing something for people to remember you by. Don’t show up empty handed. Create something that others can benefit from.

Compelling content that your consumers love needs emotional storytelling and a plan. Get in touch with us if you’re looking at winning your customers over with amazing content!

5. Create a video and sneak peaks for your social media community

An interesting way for you to get your message across in 30 seconds is through an interactive video. Go ahead and invest in making something exciting and informative. This will also help you self edit and really think through the most important aspects that you’d like to share. Bring out the key messages. It’s your 30 second elevator pitch. Work on it. Share your behind the scenes activities on Instagram, Facebook, wherever your community is at. Keep them excited about what to expect, soon.

6. Set a launch time and stick to it

The absolute worst way to kill your marketing efforts is to constantly keep changing your launch dates, or not having one in place at all. Keep a deadline and stick to it. It’s highly underwhelming for a community to never know when you’re going to bring something new. That comes off as way too unprofessional and you’ll be making your marketing team slog for nothing. Have a plan. Take all the potential challenges into consideration and set up your “safe” date. Announce it. Let your audience know.

7. Use your branding elements for the launch

All product launches need to be in sync with your brand. Do not launch products that are in a totally wacky format not adhering to your brand guidelines. You need your logos, tonality, fonts, colors and all else to go with. People should be able to recognize that you’re Justin Bieber and not Coldplay (or vice versa). Stick to your brand philosophy. Make the design work in your favor.

8. Create a landing page that is attractive and helps you convert users

It’s unlikely that a brand new consumer coming to your site for the first time ever will suddenly use your site and buy on day 1. Of course you may have a compelling offer, but usually people need a little more time before they become your loyalists or get convinced. Use a landing page to convert users to at least give you their contact details for your sales channel to get activated. Have a fresh landing page on your site, where interested people can reach you – rather give their details so that you can reach them. Naturally this needs to be an opt-in. And you need to give people a reason why they should subscribe to your services or why they should give out their email IDs. Trust me, you’ll need them. Never underestimate the power of what email marketing can bring you. Your landing page should also be a space where you can go all out convincing people on your product and service. Why should they like it? What’s in it for them? Keep them interested and excited!

9. Be flexible and support your team

Last minute glitches can happen anywhere. Many can’t be predicted. You support system at that time is your own team. Build a culture of testing, follow ups and flexibility. Stay together as a team to solve problems in the best way you can. Starting a circle of finding people to blame will not help. Keep your nerves about it. Launches are a team effort. Stick to creating a culture of gratitude and fun. That’ll help you far more in a tough situation than shaming people who may have made a mistake. Stay flexible to do any last minute changes that are needed. Remember, planning ahead will help you reduce the risk of any last minute issues. A great team and supportive team members will also be your first word of mouth brand ambassadors!

What are some of the ways you’ve used to create marketing hype for your new launch? What challenge and fun moments have you experienced? Do share your thoughts with me! 🙂


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.