"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget."

-Alfred Mercier

You are much bigger than you think you are. By investing in your own skills, your graph as a brand is headed northwards. Stay tuned as we will soon announce our next training schedule. Our trainings are held in person as well as online.

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Content Marketing For Beginners eCourse

eCourse deliverables

  • A core video for 1.5 hours as the eCourse teaching material. You can attend this LIVE with us or watch it at your convenience later
  • Course Printables- a) Your creativity manifesto ; b) Your course workbook; c) DIY tools list for your Content Marketing initiatives
  • FREE eBooks – a) Top Content Marketing statistics for 2016 ; b) Top Storytelling Statistics for 2016 ; c) Content Marketing 101 eBook
  • PDF of the entire course content
  • A special Q&A email address to ask any questions

#2: VENUE 
The course will be held online at the comfort of your desk. You will have lifetime access to all course material as well as the videos


Since the material and videos will be available anytime, you can practically do the course in your own self-paced style.


The course is intended for those who’re just beginning their content marketing journey. We’ll be covering:
* What is Content Marketing/ SEO/ Social media marketing?
* How can I create a Content Marketing process that works?
* How can I create a personal/professional brand using Content Marketing?
* What tools can I use for Content Marketing?

#5: COST

We’re charging a mere $30 for the ENTIRE eCourse! This will include all the material AND lifetime access. You will also get a special email address where you can ask your specific questions for FREE even after the course.

brandanew creative content marketing for beginners course

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How To Set Up Your Own Remarkable Creativity Manifesto

Most times you will wake up feeling listless. Creativity will suffer as you look through pages that refuse to write or draw themselves. A manifesto gives you direction in such times and infuses your mind with positive energy.

  1. Fill your Creativity manifesto: Why Do YOU Create?
  2. Create your creativity space, hang up your manifesto and maintain a journal/ notebook to define your goals, review your plans at the beginning of each month