How Can I Start Content Marketing With Limited Resources?

As you’re aware, we have a fully online content marketing workshop available at Brandanew. Now, the course allows everyone to send in their questions on a special email address after they have gone through the material and soaked in the information. Content marketing with limited resources seems to be a common paint point for many. This is the top question most workshop attendees have been asking us. As the team has been working through the answers for the attendees, I wanted to share a response for all of you working on this exact same issue.

How Can I Start Content Marketing With Limited Resources

QUESTION: How Can I Start Content Marketing With Limited Resources?

Many startups and small business naturally start with limited funding and don’t always have a ton of resources and investment that they can spend purely on content. Here’s my advice on how to find help and also how to conserve your resources while you’re at it!

1. Find your focus channels

Depending on the audience you’re targeting focus on channels that will convert. Always keep testing, but there’s no need to spread yourself think on every single platform out there.

2. Hire external writers

If you want to grow with content, there’s no shortcut to having writers who can make trustworthy content for you. You will need internal or external resources for this job. If you don’t have a writer full time internally, then do think about outsourcing the writing piece. To save money come up with an exact plan of what’s needed, so that you can only pay for the actual writing.

3. Curate content

I’ve written about this topic previously. Here’s your guide to content curation.

4. Do not compromise on quality

Poor quality will break trust and create higher costs later. Do not buy services just because they’re cheap. Think about long term effects. Do not take up writing on your social pages coming across as totally naive if that’s not your forte. Bad content is not an antidote for anything.

5. Check your progress constantly

You should create, measure and work towards your goals every month. Be flexible and invest in what’s working for you. Take away resources hogging money and producing no results.

6. Don’t fall for every vanity metric out there

Do not count your worth in likes and fans. A ton of Startups over invest in getting a million likes but hardly any engagement. You need a good balance between growing your community, but also keeping it engaged. Mere likes will result in nothing.

7. Remember your time = cost

Many Startup and small business owners decide to take off without any external help and aim to scale the Content Everest all alone by themselves. Remember, your time is cost too. You can spend your energy towards client acquisition, collaboration, and product development.

For those of you, who are just beginning, I definitely recommend starting yourself off on the right track and learning the best processes. This will save you valuable time when you’re actually planning for getting a fully functional content strategy in place. Saved time is less cost, keep that in mind!


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.